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Road Trip | The Apostle Islands and Harbor Towns

Road Trip to Wisconsin's Apostle Islands and Harbor Towns


Apostle Islands | Lake Superior | Islands | Amazing Antiques | Fishing | Historic Towns | Green Bay Packers | Mammoth Bones | Coastal Charm | Jelly Belly | Historic Lighthouses

Hot Spot | Mystic, Connecticut

Mystic, Connecticut | Beaches, Aquariums & Maritime History


Mystic is a delightful town with many attractions to delight. Visitors can enjoy exploring the town, spending time shopping and even learning about the maritime history of the country. Southern Connecticut has miles of beaches and excitement.  The region is filled with beauty and is great for nature watching as well as outdoor recreation. No matter what interests visitors have, they are sure to find something to enjoy during a visit to Mystic.

Top Picks | Pennsylvania Art Trails

Experience the Pennsylvania Art Trails


Visitors to Pennsylvania will discover that it is filled with artists and locally made art. One way to enjoy all of the varied art is to take a trip on one of the Pennsylvania Art Trails.

Camping Gem | Virginia - Tidewater and Hampton Road

Virginia | Tidewater and Hampton Road


The Tidewater and Hampton Road region of Virginia is a fantastic region of the state. Visitors will find plenty of interesting activities. From historic destinations to theme parks, this Virginia camping gem has a little bit of everything.

Food and Wine | Virginia Wine Trail

Road Trip | Virginia Wine Trails 


Wine enthusiasts are sure to love a trip to Virginia. The state is filled with over 200 wineries and 16 wine trails, which allow visitors to enjoy the region's wine and scenery all at once. These trails are located throughout the state, and visitors can enjoy a wine road trip wherever they may decide to go in Virginia. Here are a few of the fantastic wine trails found throughout the state.

Road Trip | Virginia - Journey Along the James River

Road Trip Along the James River, Virginia

The James River stretches for over 400 miles through Virginia, from the Appalachian Mountains to the Chesapeake Bay and the tidal waters of Richmond. Driving along this river is one of the great road trips of Virginia. Traveling down the river toward the ocean, road trippers will see a wide variety of wonderful Virginia destinations.

Road Trip | Brandywine Valley - Pennsylvania

Road Trip Through the Brandywine Valley


The Brandywine Scenic Byway passes through some of the most beautiful and historic parts of Delaware. Starting in Wilmington, the byway passes through some of Delaware's historic sites, as well as to some beautiful spots in Pennsylvania. The Byway also takes visitors on a historic journey through some of the important sites of the Du Pont Legacy, and more.

Road Trip | Low Country, South Carolina

Hit the Road in South Carolina's Lowcountry


South Carolina's Low Country or Lowcountry, is found along the coast. It includes the southern coast of the state, and the sea islands. On a road trip through this region visitors will find lovely coastal towns, beaches, islands, lots of history and more. Road trippers can travel from Charleston south to the border with Georgia, or continue into Savannah.


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    Hit the Road and Camp America

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    Camp America!

    Ready to answer the call of the open road?  Then you've come to the right place.  Here you'll find great ideas for finding the best camping and RVing road trips.  We'll show you which routes to take, which exits have a "don't miss attraction and profile great campgrounds along the way.  So grab your gear, pack the car or the RV and get ready to hit the road.

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    Camp Cuisine - Camping Recipes

    Inspire your inner camp chef with recipes for camping trips.  It doesn’t matter if it’s shared around a campfire, cooked in your RV's gourmet kitchen, or take-out from the local deli, food just tastes better on a camping vacation!
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    RV Road Trips

    Join Steve and Sally as they pack their bags and hit the open road to live their camping dreams. They’ve chosen their top 100 camping destinations and have set out to make their camping dreams a reality. Come along as they camp across the country. Share the journey.

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    Fur Kids -

    Camping with Pets

    Hiking the Appalachian Trail with your mastiff, Max, or RV'ing across the country with your poodle, Polly - we all love our pets and want to find ways to share our passion for camping with them. We'll share stories of camping pets and tips for keeping your pets safe, comfortable, and happy - on the road and in the outdoors.


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    Tips for outdoor recreation and outdoor sportsOutdoor Sport Spotlight

    Wild or mild outdoor sports and recreation are a passion of the editors.  Here we profile different sports and outdoor recreation activities.  We'll give you tips on getting started, tell you about the great places for outdoor sports and show you what gear you need to be comfortable in all conditions.  So whether you're a seasoned outdoor sports enthusiast or a enthusiastic beginner we have tips and advice to make the most of your outdoor recreation passion.

  • Camp Kids

    Camp Kids

    Camping with kids can be very rewarding. Find ideas about teaching children to love and respect the outdoors and camping. Find ways to keep the kids busy on the way to cam, plus games and other fun ideas to keep kids stimulated and engaged while at camp. Keep kids safe outdoors and teach them wilderness skills.
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    You can never be too prepared for your camping trip. Look through and use our checklists to ensure that you have a safe and happy camping vacation! You never know what you might forget - that tool that you needed, or the proper gear to go on the most beautiful hike of your life - be prepared by planning ahead!

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    Camp Styles

    Camp Styles

    Every camper has his or her own style. For some, the perfect camping trip means strapping on a backpack and heading for the backcountry. For others, it’s a way to spend time with family and friends in a natural surrounding away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For others, it is a way of life – camping full time in an RV. Many people camp to be close to recreational activities such as hiking, fishing, water sports, and ATVing. Find your camp style.

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    Get in shape for your camping adventure. Whether your camping vacation involves a wilderness hike, a month on the road in your RV, or just a family camping road trip, get fitness advice to get and stay in shape. Being fit and healthy makes camping and outdoor activities more enjoyable. Get tips for making fitness fun.

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    Camping Gear Guides

    Confused about wicking? Baffled by sleeping bag ratings?  We’ll help you wade through the techno speak of high performance camping and outdoor gear.  Having the perfect camp clothes makes camping and participating in outdoor sports fun and comfortable no matter what Mother Nature dishes out.

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    Camping Photography


    Snap Shots - Outdoor Photography Tips

    Find tips for taking great camping and travel photos. Capture your precious camping memories and learn to take perfect family portraits, amazing wildlife photos, and awesome landscape pictures. You'll be transported back to your favorite camping trip ever time you share your photos.

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