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RV Gear Guide | Luxury Camping


Turn Your RV in Into a Luxury Resort

Any RV or campsite can be made a luxury camping experience with a little preparation.  Luxury camping offers a very different experience than other types of camping. With this unique experience you will need to be prepared with different gear than you would bring if you were planning a backcountry trip. Many luxury camping resorts already provide everything you need other than your personal items, however others only provide the facilities. Make sure you know what types of amenities are provided at your selected destination. Here are a few things you will want to be sure you bring along during a luxury camping trip.

Luxury Camping Gear List


Nothing says luxury like high quality bedding.  Choose easy care options with high thread counts in simple colors of white, or cream. 

High thread count bed linens
Down Bed cover
Down Comforter
Plush towels
...(some luxury camping destinations provide all of these items, but make sure you know if they do before choosing not to bring them)

Personal Hygiene Products

Just because you are RVing doesn't mean you shouldn't invest in high quality toiletries, these can be inexpensive ways to elevate the camping experience

High Quality Shampoo & Conditioner
Shower gel
Body Scrub


(bring plenty of layering options to be prepared for all of your outdoor activities)

Real PJs (my personal favorite for feeling luxurious)
Rain Gear
Backpack for day hiking
Good hiking boots and socks
Swimsuits (if you are going to a destination with lakes, pools and hot tubs)

Dishes and utensils

(some resorts and cabins provide these items, make sure you know if they do before your trip)

Good Quality Cookware and cooking utensils
Kitchen towels
Nice plates (even if they are plastic)
Table cloth - great for picnics & picnic tables too
Real cultlery & flatware


Food can be very luxurious and easy to to make special meals in the RV or over a campfire.
Find recipes
Trash bags
Water bottles

Safety & Comfort

Flashlight and extra batteries
Multipurpose knife
First-aid kit
Bug spray
Trail Guides
Travel Guides

Luxury Camping Destinations.

Read more about luxury camping.
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