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Wild or mild outdoor sports and recreation are a passion of the editors.  Here we profile different sports and outdoor recreation activities.  We'll give you tips on getting started, tell you about the great places for outdoor sports and show you what gear you need to be comfortable in all conditions.  So whether you're a seasoned outdoor sports enthusiast or a enthusiastic beginner we have tips and advice to make the most of your outdoor recreation passion.

Dog Sledding

Try Something new This Winter | Go Dog Sledding

dog-sledding camping

Skiing, snowboarding, sledding and ice skating are some of the sports we think of most often when considering winter activities. However, one great winter activity that we rarely consider is dog sledding. Dog sledding has a very long history, and it has been used as a form of travel for hundreds of years. Today dog sledding is less of mode of transportation than it is a sport.

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