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Slime – Easy Green Kid Fun

There’s nothing kids love more than camping out, roasting marshmallows, making s’mores, and enjoying the great outdoors…except having silly, messy fun that wouldn’t be permitted at home. Here’s a kids camping activity that will keep them occupied, interested and looked forward to the next trip. Slime.

Yep, I said slime – gooey, oozing slime. Don’t panic – it’s easy, environmentally- friendly and you might even like to get a piece of the action. Slime is a simple mixture of cornstarch, water and food coloring. Here’s how to do it – you’ll need:

➢ a large plastic bowl
➢ a large, strong spoon
➢ a Frisbee (for each kid) to use as a slime platter
➢ 1 box of store brand cornstarch
➢ water
➢ liquid food coloring (a multi-color 4-pack is a good choice)

Cover your picnic table with a plastic table cloth to protect the tabletop.

Begin by pouring half the box of cornstarch into the plastic bowl. Add a little bit of water – maybe a fast count of 5 under a faucet – and stir. At first it’ll be difficult to get the spoon through but with a little elbow grease the mixture will become rather loose. If it’s too soupy add more cornstarch and keep in mind, you’re looking for a mixed consistency a bit looser than glue.

Give each kid a Frisbee and divide the mixture up between the kids by spooning it into upside-down Frisbees. Next up is the color. Allow each participant to choose a color or a mixture of colors. A few drops should do it. This can be an excellent teaching tool – showing and experimenting on how combinations of colors make other colors. A word to the wise – keep the food coloring in your possession – kids tend to get very carried away with it.

Now it’s time to slime. Let the kids use their hands to scoop, ball, or simply slither around in the slime. Amazingly, the more it is handled the harder it becomes. Make a ball and it holds together. Open your hand and it turns back to goopy liquid.

When the fun is done you can pour the slime down the drain or in a trash can without any environmental guilt or concern. After all, every ingredient in slime is edible! And cleanup couldn’t be easier – use a garden hose and spray the mess away.

FYI - Hands may temporarily turn the color of the slime but will come off with washing within a day.
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