Camp Fire Recipe for Doughboys

Doughboy Heaven…bet you can’t eat just one!

Here’s a campfire treat that’s sure to be a hit...doughboys!! These little toasted “tubes” can be filled with your choice of fillings - chocolate syrup, jelly, pie filling, whipped cream - you get the picture - and enjoyed on the spot! Here’s how to make your own doughboys:

You’ll need a “stick” about 1 ½ inches in diameter and about 2 feet long (pick up an untreated wooden dowel at your local home improvement store and cut to length). Decorate the holding end with permanent markers – one stick for each camper (this makes a great campsite craft for you and your grandchild).

At the campfire, butter the doughboy end of the stick and using refrigerated biscuit dough and roll a single biscuit into a snake shape. Spiral wrap the dough on the buttered end of the stick making sure the dough is sealed on the sides and end - creating a “tube”. Rotate/toast over the fire for about 5 minutes - until it’s brown and easily slips off the stick (careful - they’re hot). Fill and enjoy!

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