Camping Ball Games

The Gap Game
For younger kids
Requirements: two round Nerf balls (soccer or volley balls) and an even number of players.

All players stand in a circle with their legs stretched wide. The players with the balls try to roll them through the legs of another player in the ring before they can reach down and grab it. Everyone must keep their hands on their knees until a ball comes at them. The players should keep score for themselves. A successful roll through someone's legs counts as a point against that player, and the person with the fewest points at the end wins.

Blanket Ball
Requirements: one blanket and Nerf or beach ball for every team of four players.
This works best when the players on each team are of roughly similar heights.

Position one player at a corner of each blanket and rest the ball in the center of the blanket. Have them work together to pop the ball into the air, then catch it again. When they're proficient enough to have done this five times without dropping the ball, set up another team next to them and see if one team can toss its ball up and over to the other team. Then challenge that team to throw the ball back.

Crab Soccer
Requirements: Nerf soccer balls and cones or other markers, plus at least 10 players
Set up two teams. Use the cones to establish two goals, one at either end of the field.

Each team will be instructed as to which goal is theirs and which is the opponents goal. You can assign goalies to protect each team's goal if needed. Players line up on each side in front of their goal. Roll the ball down the middle. The players must all be in a crab position (both hands and feet on the floor with bottom facing the ground). The players will have 3-5 minutes to kick the ball into the other team's goal to score one point. The team that scores the most points or reaches 15 is the winner.
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