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The kids in your life can have a great time playing in nature when they join in these terrific games. No matter what size your group is, you can have fun giving these a try on your next camping trip. Many of these games are also fun to do during nature hikes, walks, and around the campfire in the evening.

What if?
This imagination game is perfect for hikes and long drives. Ask the kids in your group to describe what the world would look like if they slept for a hundred years. How would things be different? What would be the same? Would there be people? What would they find to eat? See if you can come up with some other creative 'what if' questions.

Leaf Rainbow.
Collect leaves and items off the ground and arrange them in a rainbow. Don't forget to use sticks, rocks, pine needles, found feathers, and other unexpected objects.

Secret Smells.
Have each person in your group collect things near your campsite that have a smell. Have one person close their eyes while the other person presents them with their items to smell, one at a time. The person with closed eyes can try to guess what each thing is, going by smell alone. Then the two switch places.

Act an Animal.
As a group, remember all the wild animals you've seen during your trip. One at a time, have the kids act like each animal. Can they flap like a bird? Scramble on all fours like a squirrel? Walk silently like a deer? Encourage them to describe what they look like, talk about what they eat and where they live, and to imagine what people must look like from their point of view.

Make a natural orchestra.
Make a natural orchestra. Collect things from your campsite to make an all natural band using instruments you create yourself. If you're feeling stumped, try using twigs and sticks of different sizes, blades of grass, and see if you can find a sound to make with pine cones or stones.
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