Kite Flying

Kite Flying

You've seen other people flying kites, watching their paper creations float up into the clouds on a windy day.  Are you ready to give it a try yourself?  Kite flying isn't hard, and it's a lot of fun!  

The first step is to get a kite (you can make your own out of paper, sticks, and glue) and find a large, open area.  Then wait for a nice windy day.  Ideally, your location won't have any trees or power lines, since kites can get hung up on either of these.  Parks with lots of grass and beaches are both great places to try kite flying.

If you have a friend to help you, have one person hold the kite while the other person holds the spool of string.  The one with the kite should hold it overhead in both hands and toss it lightly up into the wind.  If the wind is strong enough, it will catch the kite and lift it up, pulling the string taut.

This works well on windy days, but what if the wind isn't brisk enough to catch your kite?  Then you need to let out some string and have your friend run with the kite behind them.  With this added burst of speed, the kite should catch.

Once your kite catches, start letting out string, little by little.  Keep going until your kite is at the height you want, somewhere between fifty and a hundred feet overhead.  Spread your legs to keep yourself firmly rooted to the ground, and hold the spool with both hands.  You're flying!

As you fly your kite, keep an eye on it.  Sometimes changes in the wind level or air pockets can cause your kite to make a sudden dip.  If that happens, reel in your kite until you feel that it's safe in the wind again.  The string between the reel and the kite will feel taut.  Then you can slowly let string out again until the kite reaches its original position.

To finish flying, reel the kite in slowly.  When the kite is close to the ground, have someone catch it so it doesn't get torn or break any spars.  Wind up the rest of your twine and keep your kite safe until the next time you're ready to fly.
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