Keeping Parents Entertained while Camping

Keeping Parents Entertained while Camping


Camping is a great way to spend family time. It provides great opportunities for you kids to explore new places and try new activities. Even a campsite near home can open up a new world of excitement. At times though it is hard for you to share these new worlds with your family. If you are looking forward to your camping trip this summer, but are worried about keeping your parents entertained, here are a few easy suggestions.

Try a New Outdoor Sport Together
If you are camping in a wooded or mountainous area, try mountain biking. Encourage your parents to bring their bikes along on your camping trip. Flying along together through the bike trails near you campsite will be an exhilarating experience for you and your parents alike. Remember to bring along your helmet, so your parents don't have to worry about your safety and make sure they bring theirs as well.

Go canoeing or kayaking with your parents. Encourage your parents to rent a canoe or kayak. You can paddle downstream if you are camping on a river, or you can glide across the lake from one shore to another. If your parents like to fish and your camping trip is during fishing season, bring along your fishing gear. You can go out in the canoe in the early morning to experience the best fish. Then later in the day you can cook your fish over the campfire.

Bring Along Craft Supplies
When you go camping with your family, bring along some basic craft supplies, like paper, glue and scissors. While exploring the nature around your campsite pick up anything interesting you might find. With these treasures you can create all types of craft projects to take home to remember your camping trip. If you are near the ocean you could collect shells with your parents and make a seashell mobile.

You could collect interesting leaves and sticks and create a fairy house. If you and your parents find any treasures that you want to remember your trip by, ask your parents to save them. With these treasures, you can create a stepping-stone with your family with all the treasures you found on your camping trip. All you need for this project is a little bit of cement mix, the treasures from your trip, parent supervision, and a little creativity.

Practice your Nature Identification and Survival Skills
If you and your parents share an interest in nature, find a good insect, bird, plant, animal or tree identification book. Try to recognize the different species that you come across with your family. Collect different species of leaves and try to identify them with your family. If this becomes something that you can share with your parents, you could dry the leaves and add to your collection each time you go on a family camping trip.

You could also learn camping survival skills with your parents. Have your parents teach you to fish or try to make fire using traditional methods. If you and your parents like a challenge, you could learn to identify different types of animal tracks that you may come across during your explorations.

Winding Down in the Evening
Finish your night by making s'mores with your parents. You could even make your own marshmallow roasting sticks during the day. While you are enjoying your s'mores, you and your parents could share stories or read a favorite book aloud. If your family enjoys a thrill, you could find a few ghost stories before you leave and share them over the fire during your camping trip.

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