Art with Leaves

Art with Leaves

 The fall is a great time to admire nature. You can add to the beauty of fall by creating your own piece of leaf art from fallen autumn leaves. The trees that lose their leaves in the fall are called deciduous trees, and the changing color and dropping of these leaves is part of these trees' yearly cycle. Have you ever stopped to really look at one of these leaves? Each one is interesting and unique. These leaves can inspire all sorts of beautiful art.

A classic form of art you can try that uses leaves is creating a collection of pressed leaves. When you find a nice specimen of a leaf, collect it. Then, when you get home, smooth it out and place it in between two pages in the middle of the largest book you can find. If you leave your leaves in the book for a while they will dry out and become perfectly flat. During your time collecting leaves, should you discover that you enjoy pressing leaves, then you can make or purchase a flower press.

Once your leaves are dry, stick them into a scrapbook. You can start a great leaf collection and you can add leaves to your collection from every place you travel. You can then identify each leaf in your collection. You can also decoratively label the leaves in your collection.

The budding drawing enthusiast can learn to sketch nature, using leaves as studies. When you find a fascinating leaf, you can draw a simple study of its form and composition. The falling leaves of autumn also present a great opportunity to do paintings or pastels of scenes from nature. Photographers also find great inspiration in the colors and form of the fall leaves.

Another fun way to create art from leaves is to make leaf prints. When you find a special leaf you can use it as a sort of stamp. Get a plate of paint, dip your leaf into the paint, and then carefully place the paint-covered leaf onto your paper. If you want a perfect print of the leaf, make sure it doesn't smear. If you want a more abstract painting you can smear the leaf around on the paper.

Leaf art is a great way to create new and different art during the autumn. As each leaf is unique, so is each creation made with that leaf. Your leaf art will be a mix of your individuality and your leaf's individuality.
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