Photography for Kids

Photography for Kids

As a child I remember getting out our old boxes of photographs and carefully looking at each picture. They told stories of past adventures, they brought back long forgotten memories and they told me the stories of family members that had lived before my time. I loved to look through these photos, remembering and imagining, each photo was precious and unique, and each one was special to me. Even now I love to look at my pictures, the pictures I took while traveling in Europe or visiting family in the desert of Arizona, and the old pictures my grandfather took during the Second World War. There is more to the photographs than just looking at them though, there is also the taking of the pictures. You can choose which type of camera you want to use, you can frame each shot carefully, you can manipulate the light, and you can point and click without thought. Photography is more than just a door to the past it is an art.

When you travel, make sure that you bring along your camera. The photographs you take will bring back the memories of the places you visit. When you have a birthday party or have an adventure near to home with your friends, bring your camera. At the time, you may not see that these photographs will be treasures later, but as you grow older you will be happy to have the photographs from your childhood. Take pictures of the people you love, take pictures when you are being silly, when someone else is being silly, and save these photos as mementos.

There are many different types of cameras to choose from. Disposable cameras are perfect for canoeing and boating trips.  If you lose your camera or if it gets wet, you won’t be heartbroken the way you would if your good camera were damaged.  Digital cameras allow you to take as many shots as you want without worrying about the cost of film or developing. It is especially handy to have a digital camera when you travel, since you can make sure the pictures turn out in a way that is most appealing. Film cameras still have their place; but today they’re used more by serious artists and photographers who are looking for a particular affect. 

While I was in high school, I had the chance to take a photography class. I learned about cameras, lighting, framing, how to develop film, and how to print the photographs. After I learned to use my camera, I started to see the world a little differently. I began to see how to create a piece of art from an ordinary situation. Reflections and shadows can dramatically alter a shot. Learning the art of photography helps you to look at the details of nature and gives you a deeper appreciation for natural beauty.

Photography is partly art, partly science, and partly your own ingenuity. You can create your own masterpieces and you can use photography as a way to embrace and learn about nature. With a camera, you can document all of your adventures and travels and make gifts for others.

Try looking at things in new ways, looking at the underside of a flower, for instance, or looking sideways at things you normally see from the front. If you take the time to photograph things in new ways, you will begin to experience these things afresh. Photography can be a way to learn, a way to stretch your artistic inclinations and a way to preserve your favorite memories for all time.

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