Making Autumn Decorations

Making Autumn Decorations

This fall when you are stuck inside because of the rain, try creating some autumn decorations to make your house a little more festive. Halloween decorations are always lots of fun to put together, but once Halloween is over you need to get a little more creative with your crafts. You can use the colors you see in nature as inspiration for your crafts.

Hand Turkey
These are simple to make, but you can get as creative as you want with your turkeys. Also, they are great decorations for Thanksgiving. Your parents will love putting your decorations around the house.

To make a hand turkey you will need:
- construction paper in various colors
- scissors
- makers or colored pencils
- glue

You won't need all of these items if you only want to make a simple turkey. Start by tracing your hand on a piece of construction paper. Make sure to spread your fingers out when you are tracing your hand. This will make a more distinct turkey shape. When you have finished tracing your hand, you will need to connect some of the lines on the turkey, particularly the part by the base of your palm. Once you are finished with the outline, you will be able to see that the thumb is the head of the turkey. The rest of the fingers become the turkey's tail feathers.

After you have the outline you can color your turkey however you want. You can make the feathers like the tail feathers of a real turkey, or you can color them blue, red, orange, or any color of the rainbow. To make your turkey look like a turkey, you will need to add a few things to its face. Your turkey will need an eye and a beak. A comb and a waddle also add to the turkey effect of your creation. If you want to get really creative you can make the beak and all of the turkeys features from construction paper and glue them to your turkey. You can even add a googley eye to your turkey's face for added effect. Don't forget to give your turkey some legs, too.

Once you have the face and feathers of your turkey figured out, you need to decide if you want your turkey to remain a drawing, or if you want to cut it out. Unleash your creativity with this classic autumn craft. Turn your turkey into an expression of your artistry.

Leaf Chain
Autumn provides great colors as inspiration for craft projects. Use the different colors and types of leaves you see as inspiration for a leaf chain.

You will need:
- A long piece of string
- Colored construction paper
- Scissors
- Glue
- Drawing Tools

First draw some leaves on your construction paper. You can copy the shapes of real leaves or you can use your imagination to create some exciting new leaves. Once you have drawn your leaves, you have many options for decoration -- you can draw in the veins of the leaves, you can decorate each leaf with fall pictures and Thanksgiving themes, or you can leave them as plain leaf cutouts. The only requirement is that you make sure to give your leaves long stems; this will be the attachment to the string.

After you have your leaves drawn, cut them out. Once all of your leaves are cut out, it is time to attach them to the string. Place the string about 1/2 inch from the end of the stem. Place a dot of glue on the piece of string, then fold the end of the stem down over the string. The glue should keep the leaf in place on the string once it dries. Repeat these steps for each leaf, positioning each leaf where you want it on the string before gluing. Once all your leaves are attached and the glue is dried it is time to hang your leaf chain. Hanging across a window or doorway works well for  a shorter chain; a longer chain can be draped across a room.

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