Fun at Sno-Parks

Fun at Sno-Parks

Every year, kids across the country anxiously await the first snow of winter. Many people count the days until the nearest ski area opens every winter. Most of the excitement about winter is focused on downhill skiing and snowboarding, the most popular winter sports. But what about good old fashioned fun like sledding, making snow angels, and building snow forts?  Sno-Parks are a great place to enjoy many of these fun winter sports.

What is a sno-park and how is it different than a ski area? A sno-park is basically a maintained snow play area that has a snow-cleared parking lot and facilities. Sno-parks do not have ski and snowboarding facilities; instead they have cross-country and snowmobile trails as well as plenty of areas to tube, sled, snowshoe and enjoy many other winter activities.

There are many winter activities that you can't enjoy at ski areas, or even at nearby recreational areas at home. Sno-parks have both groomed and backcountry trails, so you and your family can enjoy the winter outdoors in a variety of ways. Where else do you have access to great groomed trails for cross-country skiing or snowshoeing? Sno-parks also have areas for motorized snow sports, so you can bring your snowmobiles. In addition, you could try dog sledding on some of the many trails that sno-parks have to offer.

Sno-parks are also a great place to have some low-key fun in the snow. If you live in the city or you don't have the right type of yard to play in the snow -- or if you just don't get enough snow -- the sno-park is the perfect place to get your snowy fill. In the snow playing areas you can tube, run and frolic in the snow just like you would at home, except that you have even more snow to play with. When playing the snow, be sure to stay off the ski trails that are designated for snowmobiling and other types of snow sports.

The backcountry trails at sno-parks offer great opportunities to enjoy winter wildlife viewing. Whatever you decide to do at a sno-park, you and your friends and family are sure to have a great time. Sno-parks allow visitors to enjoy a wide range of snow sports. Perhaps the best part of sno-parks are the snow play areas where you can just play in the snow, like you would at home.

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