Cooking For Mom

Cooking For Mom

With Mother's Day right around the corner, it's time to start thinking of something special to do for your mom. We all know that moms love homemade cards and crafts, but this year might be the year to try something a little different. Everyday your mom makes your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, so this Mother's Day, plan a special meal and give your mom the day off from cooking.

Preparing a meal for your Mom is pretty simple, but it takes a bit of planning and thought. You will also have to ask your dad or another adult for some help with the shopping and cooking. After you have asked an adult for some help, it is time to start planning the meal.

The best way to start the planning process is to find out which meal your mom would like to be surprised with. Your mother might prefer to be surprised with breakfast in bed and your best friend's mom might like to be surprised with a nice dinner. Find out what her favorite meal is, and you're ready to start.

While you are figuring out what to cook, remember that it is a good idea to keep your plans simple. If you have never cooked a whole meal before, you should know that it is best to start with simple recipes. Learning to cook takes practice and putting together a whole meal takes even more practice, so start simple and your meal is more likely to succeed. Also, if you are nervous about putting together a whole meal, make breakfast. Breakfast is a simpler meal and requires less cooking than dinner.

You can ask your Dad or another adult for suggestions on what you need for a whole meal. If you have access to the internet, you can find whole meal plans, or you can go to your local librarian and ask for some help finding cook books with whole meal plans. If you are worried about how hard the recipe is, or if it will be good, have your father or another adult look over the recipe with you to give you some advice. When you are designing a meal plan you will probably want some vegetables, some protein, and a starch, like bread or potatoes.

After you have all of your recipes, you will need to put together a shopping list. Get paper and pencil and list all of the things you need to get from the store for your meal. You should also add a drink to your shopping list.  Sparkling apple cider is a great beverage for a celebratory meal.

You need to make your shopping list well ahead of time and make sure you go shopping ahead of time. It is important to have everything you need well before you start cooking -- not having everything ahead of time will cause problems when you start to cook.

Cooking a meal has plenty of steps, but if you do everything ahead of time, it is actually fairly simple. Now that you have all of the supplies and have your plan together, on Mother's Day you can start cooking. Make sure your mom is out of the kitchen doing something she enjoys (get your dad to help you out). Once your food is cooked, remember to put everything in nice serving dishes and set the table. With this, you and your family can enjoy a beautiful home-cooked dinner in celebration of all of the wonderful things your mom does for you each day.