July Fourth Crafts

July Fourth Crafts

Independence Day on the Fourth of July is a really fun holiday. Each year we are able to enjoy parades, fireworks, and fun picnic lunches and BBQs. This year, spice up your Independence Day by creating some of your own craft projects.

Independence Day Pinwheel

This fun little pinwheel is a great way to get creative and show off your Fourth of July spirit. Small children will like this craft project as well, but since it requires the use of a push pin and scissors, adult supervision is recommended.

Thick Construction/craft paper
Hole Punch (optional)
Push Pin
Colored Straw

Start by making two square pieces of construction paper. If you have especially thick card-stock like paper, you will only need one piece of paper. To make a square out of your paper, fold one corner up toward the top of the paper. The bottom edge should line up with the opposite side from the corner you folded. Now your paper should look like a triangle with a rectangle on top. You will want to cut off the extra rectangle, so you have a triangle.

Now, fold the triangle in half, creating a smaller triangle. Crease your paper well and unfold the paper. The next step requires your creativity. You get to decorate your paper. You may want to decorate your squares like the American Flag or any other way you think will look good. You can choose colored paper or color your paper. If you are using two sheets of paper, you only need to decorate one side of each sheet. If you are using one piece of paper you should decorate both sides.

After your paper is decorated, glue the two pieces of paper together. The undecorated sides should be glued together, so the decorated sides are on opposite sides of the paper. Next you need to makes cuts on the creases from folding the paper earlier. Cut about halfway up the creases from the corners toward the center of the paper. Don't cut to far toward the center.

This next step is optional: use the hole punch to punch four holes, one on each corner. After you made the cuts, your square will look like it is made up of four triangles with their tops pointed together in the center. On the right corner of each of these triangles you will want to punch a hole right inside of the cut. If you don't want to use the hole punch, you can just punch the pin through each corner.

Now, gather all four corners with a hole together and line up the holes over the center of the square. One at a time, pull the corners to the center and glue them down to the center. Layer them one over the other, until the four corners are gathered in the center and have created a pinwheel. You may need to hold the corners down until the glue dries. As you bring the corners to the center make sure you don't crease your paper.

The last step is to push the push pin through the center of the pinwheel and into the straw. Now you can hold your pinwheel by its stem into the wind, so it will spin around and around.

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