Sugaring Flowers

Sugaring Flowers

Summertime is a great opportunity to practice some new flower crafts. It's amazing how many different crafts use fresh flowers. You can press flowers, but if you have access to edible flowers, you can enjoy a much sweeter flower craft. Sugaring flowers is a simple, delicious, and fun way to preserve and enjoy edible flowers. Once you have perfected your skills, you can use them to decorate delicious cakes and other food items.

If you want to try sugaring flowers there are a few items that you will need.

Edible flowers
Egg whites/powdered egg whites/meringue powder
Super fine sugar
Paint brush
2 bowls
Waxed paper
Cookie Sheet

Your first step will be to collect at least a dozen fresh edible flowers. Make sure that you know which flowers are edible. Some flowers are only partially edible, and other flowers are completely inedible. The whole point of sugaring flowers is to preserve flowers and make them more tasty, so you can make delicious decorations for all of your homemade confections. Some flowers naturally taste better than others, so choose your flowers carefully. You also need to be sure that the flowers you pick are nice and fresh; they should not be old or wilted.

If you don't have your own edible flowers, you can purchase them at the store. Should you choose to purchase flowers, make sure they are organic. You should also make sure that you wash all of your flowers very well. You don't want them to be dirty when you sugar them. After you wash the flowers, make sure they completely dry (pat them with a paper town or let them air dry) before you start sugaring them.

When your flowers are dry you can begin preparing to sugar your flowers. First, prepare the eggs. You can use regular egg whites, but they will not be cooked, so they may be dangerous. Powdered egg whites or meringue powder are a suitable substitute, but they don't have the best flavor. Fill a bowl with super fine sugar, and have an empty bowl on the side.

Next prepare the cookie sheet, so you can dry the flowers when they are finished. Cut a sheet of waxed paper so that it will fit on the cookie sheet and coat if with some sugar. The waxed paper and sugar will keep the finished flowers from sticking to the cookie sheet.

Now that everything is prepared, you are ready to start sugaring the flowers. Choose the flower you want to start with, dip the paint brush into the eggs and brush the entire flower with the egg whites. If you want you can use the tweezers to hold onto the stem of the flower, so you don't get any egg on your hands and you can easily brush the entire flower with egg.

It is very important that the entire flower be coated in the egg. It is the egg and sugar the preserve the flowers and after it dries the flowers become hard. If you miss part of the flower, that part won't be preserved and your flower won't look as nice when you are finished.

Next, after the flower is coated with egg, hold the flower over the empty bowl and coat completely with sugar. Make sure the entire flower is covered with the sugar and let the excess sugar fall into the empty bowl. Finally, carefully place the flower on the cookie sheet in the position that you want it to dry in.

Completely finish each flower before starting the next. When all of your flowers are finished, set them aside and allow them to dry completely. They are finished when they are hard and no longer wet. Do not use the sugar that fell into the empty bowl, it touched the egg white, and is not good to use again. When your flowers are dry they will keep for a week or so, but you probably want to use them fairly soon after making them. Your sugared flowers will be a beautiful, fun and delicious treat to decorate any confection.