How to Make a Dog Collar

How to Make a Dog Collar

If you want to try a new sewing project, make a dog collar cover for your pet. Dog collar covers can be used to add reflection to your dog to keep them safe at night, or help to keep their collar clean. This is a relatively simple sewing project and can be used for all sorts of good uses. Once you master this simple sewing projects you can move on to more complex and interesting projects.

Start by measuring the length and width of your dog's collar. In addition to measuring the full length of the collar, you also need to measure the length between the fastener and clip for the leash. When you make the collar it will be a tube, and you want the fastener and clip accessible even when you have the cover on.

After measuring your dog's collar, take a trip to your local fabric store to pick out a piece of fabric for the cover. You can choose neon reflective fabric, fleece, or even fun patterned fabric.

The size of the fabric you will need should be two times the width of the dog collar plus an extra inch, and the length should be the length of the dog collar between the clip and fasteners plus an inch and a quarter. This is the size that you will cut once you have your fabric purchased and back at home. For example if your dog's collar is one inch wide and twelve inches long, then your piece of fabric should be 3 and a half inches wide and 13 and one quarter inches long.

Your next step is to start the sewing process. First you need to hem the short sides. If you are using fleece you can skip the hemming and cut the fabric to the same length as your dog collar subtracting the length of the fasteners and clips. To begin the hemming, place the fabric with the wrong side down. The wrong side of the fabric is the side that will be on the inside of the finished dog collar. Some fabrics are pretty on one side, but plain on the other, so if your piece of fabric has a plain side, that is the wrong side.

The average width of a hem is about 5/8 of an inch. To sew your first hem, fold the edge over once, then fold it over again, still working on one of the short sides. Then stitch over the folded edge, about 1/8 of an inch away from the edge. Now you have a finished hem. Repeat this process on the other short side and you will be finished hemming.

Next, fold the fabric in half, along the long side. Place the two edges together, still working on the wrong side, and stitch the edges together. You will want to stitch the long sides together twice to make sure it holds together well.

Finally turn your dog collar cover inside out and slip over your dog's collar. Now you have a completed dog collar cover to spice up your dog's plain collar.

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