Make Name Tags and Placards

Make Name Tags and Placards

One way to make a party a bit more formal and to add a bit of decoration to a party is to make placards or name tags for each guest. Making a name tag is a simple way to make a simple dinner party more of an affair.

First, you need to know your guest list and how to properly spell each person's name. The best way to do this is to make a list with each person's full name. Once you have determined who will be present, you need to get some supplies.

You will need scissors, colored pencils, pens, crayon or stamps for decoration and enough cardstock to make the placards. You can use plain white cardstock, or you can choose colored cardstock to match the theme for your party. Lay out a piece of cardstock, cut it in half the long way. Next cut the cardstock in half the short way. This will give you four pieces of cardstock.

Fold each of these pieces of paper in half, the long way. Each piece will become a triangle, which you can place at each person's place at the table. If these name tags are not long enough, you can only cut each piece of cardstock in half once, the long way. After you have enough cardstock triangles to make a name tag for each person, you will need to print the names on each card.

Flatten the triangle and carefully print a name on each card, so that when you stand the triangle up, each persons name is the right side up. If you want to make your party more formal you can print each guests full name. For a less formal party you may want to stick with first names only. Be careful as you are putting the names on each card to be sure to spell the name correctly and to clearly print the name. If you aren't sure that you can print each name clearly enough, you can try spelling out each name with stamps.

Once the names are on the tags you can add decorations if you want. In some cases you may want to create a simple border on each name tag. If you party has a theme you can decorate the name tags with the theme of your party. You can also try giving each guests their own individual symbol which you put on each card.

When you have put the names and decorations on the name tags they are ready to set out. The name tags should be put on the table after it is set. You can place each persons name in front of their assigned spot at the table, you can also place them on each plate. If you are trying to make a less formal party, you can allow each person to pick up the name card and placing it at the spot where they want to sit.

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