Leaf Art

Leaf Art

As Autumn approaches and the leaves begin to fall off the trees, we start to think about fun fall crafts. Leaf art is a great fall activity, but you don't have to wait for the leaves to fall off the trees to make some leaf art. Below you will read about how to create a leaf print book. To make a little book like this, you will be able to combine a few different types of leaf crafts.

To create a leaf print book, you will need to collect a few supplies. You will need: either acrylic or watercolor paints, a paintbrush, a jar of water, white or craft paper, a three hole punch, colorful string, letter paper sized wax paper and glue. After you have all of your supplies, you need to go outside and collect some leaves.

As you collect your leaves, try to find leaves of varying size, shape and any unique leaves you can find. You don't have to get all dry leaves, but you will want to pick out a few dry leaves, or dry a few of your leaves to create the cover for your book.

Now that you have all of your leaves, and have dried the ones you want to feature in your cover, you can try to identify each of the leaves you have found. It is a fun way to learn about trees and create a book that has the names and prints of all of the types of leaves you find.

Once your leaves are identified you can start creating your book. First take the dried leaves, to create the front and back covers of your book. Start by taking a piece of wax paper and cover one side with a thin, but even layer of glue. Place your dried leaves one the wax paper with glue. You can also add cut out letters to create a title, or you can sprinkle glitter or any other fun item you might want in your cover. Now, cover another piece of wax paper with a thin and even layer of glue over one side of the paper. Press the piece of wax paper over your leaf covered piece of wax paper. Make sure the glue sides of the paper are pressed together. Repeat this process and allow your covers to dry.

Now, you will want to create the pages of your book. Take your other leaves and paint one side with your watercolor or acrylic paints. Press the paint side of the leaf down onto a piece of paper. Repeat this process with each leaf you have collected, you can create a single page for each leaf or you can make fun patterns. If you want you can label the prints with the name of the species of tree.

Allow the prints and the covers to dry. When the prints and covers are completely dry, use the three hole punch one each of your pages including the covers. Stack your pages in the order that you want them to appear in your book and thread the string through each of the holes. Now you have created your own unique leaf art book, and don't forget to sign your piece of art.

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