Making Apple and Potato Stamps

Making Apple and Potato Stamps

Apple and Potato stamps are an easy way to have fun and create some beautiful art. This project requires relatively few supplies, but will require supervision for younger children.

You will need:
Fresh apples and/or large potatoes (each apple or potato will make two stamps)
Clean-up Supplies

Start by washing your potatoes and apples well. The first part of this project is the creation of the stamps, which requires the use of a sharp knife. It is important for younger children to be well supervised at this point, it may even be a good idea for an adult to do the steps that involve using a knife.

Step one is to cut the apples and potatoes in half. Make sure the cuts are nice and clean, as any mistakes will be apparent when the apple and potato halves are used as stamps. At this point you can leave the apples halves whole and use them just as apple shaped stamps. You can also use the halves to create more complex stamps.

In order to create a more complex stamp, you start by drawing the outline of the shape into the center of the apple or potato half. Once the outline is clearly drawn in, use the knife to cut the outline into the apple or potato, the cut should be about a quarter of an inch deep. After the outline is cut, carefully carve away the outer edge of the apple or potato away from the outline cut. Make these cuts from the outside in, until you reach the cut of the outline. You will want to cut away about a quarter inch of the apple or potato, leaving just the shape that you drew into the apple or potato as a stamp.

When your stamp is made, pour a small layer of paint into a plate. Spread the paint throughout the base of the plate. You can dip the stamp or apple half into the layer of paint, or you can use a paint brush to apply the paint to the stamp. Then, place the stamp paint side down onto the object you are decorating.

You can use these stamps to decorate clothing, create pictures or anything else that could use some decoration and absorbs paint. When you are planning your project, make sure that you decide what type of object you want to decorate and also make sure you have the correct type of paint for that object.

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