Make a Paper Lei

Make a Paper Lei

One way to break up a long winter is to enjoy some nice Hawaiian inspired activities. One fun activity is to make paper leis. When you don't have access to fresh Hawaiian flowers, making paper flowers and leis is a great alternate options. There are many different types of leis, so you can make a few different types of leis depending on what style you are interested in.

One type of lei you can make uses flower shaped cut-outs from multi-colored paper.

To make this type of lei you will need:

A long piece of ribbon or string
Colored construction paper or cardstock
Large beads or straws (optional)
Hole punch

Start by finding some fun colored construction paper or cardstock. You could use regular colored paper, or you could find more fun textured paper that may be made to resemble hawaiian flowers.

You will want a long piece of ribbon or string that will be used to string the paper flowers. It should be long enough that when the lei is finished and tied you can fit it over your.

Start by cutting out large paper flowers. You can create a large template to make all the flowers the same, or you can cut-out different flowers each time. You should cut out many flowers from many different colors of paper. If you want to be very creative you can cut out leaf shapes from green textured paper.

After all of your flowers and leaves are cut out, you will need to start stringing the lei. As you string the lei you will want to alternate between placing a flower or two and a spacer such as a large bead or 1-inch piece of straw. If you prefer not to use a spacer you can tie a knot on each side of the flowers to hold them in place.

If you decide to use the spacers you can punch holes in the center of each flower and at the base of each leaf. The hole punch will make stringing the flowers simpler. However, if you don't want to use spacers you can thread your ribbon or string through a large darning needle and then using the needle to punch holes in the flowers and leaves. Using the needle and knot method, you start by tying a knot at the spot you want your first flowers to place, then thread a flower or two onto the ribbon and tie a second knot. Your next step is to tie another knot approximately an inch from the last knot tied. Continue to alternate stringing flowers on and tying knots until you are finished. Finish either style, knots or spacer, by tying both ends of the lei together.

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