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Tips for Beginning Fishers

Fishing is a great family sport, and a fun summertime activity. If you have never fished before it can seem very complicated. There are many different species of fish and types of fishing.

Expert fishers know when and where to find certain fish and the best technique to catch each fish. Expert knowledge comes from years of experience. Here are a few simple and basic fishing tips to get you started.

As a beginner you will want to use a technique called "Bait Fishing" this type of fishing is probably the easiest technique for catching fish. You will need some basic fishing equipment, which you can get at almost any outdoor gear store. You will have to have a rod and fishing line, hooks, some bait and if you are planning on keeping the fish, you will need something to store the fish.

The absolute best way to learn how to fish is to learn from someone who already knows, so when planning your fishing trip, be sure to bring along someone who has fished before. After you have decided to go fishing, you will need to decide where to go fishing. Probably for the first time you will want to go to a local lake, where the water is calm and there are plenty of fish. You should also try to research the different types of fish that live in the place you decide to fish, so you know what types of bait they like to eat and what you want to do with the fish once you have caught it. Now it is time to get started fishing.

Make sure that you have the right type of bait for the fish you will be catching as well as hooks that will fit the fish you are catching. Also make sure you have an adult who can help you tie the hook onto the line and bait the hook.

After you have baited your hook you will cast your line into the water. Casting is the process of slinging the line with the hook into the water. Be careful not to toss your line backwards into another person or get it caught in vegetation when casting.

Once your hook and bait is in the water you have to wait for the fish to bite. The sport of fishing is about patience, because it can take time for the fish to bite. Once the fish has bitten, you will feel a slight tug on the line. When you feel this tug on the line, quickly jerk your rod backward and up to be sure that you have a fish.

If you have a fish, you have to carefully reel it in. Firstly, keep your line tight, you don't want any slack. Then start reeling the fish in by lifting the rod vertically with a pumping motion, while reeling at the same time. Once the fish is reeled in you need to grab hold of it. At this point you will need to determine if you want to keep the fish or if you will release it. Carefully remove the hook from the fish, you don't want to hurt the fish when removing the hook, so gently back the hook out of its lip. You should have an adult help you with this process so you can be sure to hold onto the fish and remove the hook.

If you want to keep the fish you probably want to clean the fish then store it before continuing fishing. If you want to release the fish be extra careful when removing the hook, so it doesn't get hurt too badly, then gently hold the fish in the water and allow it to swim away out of your hands.

Now you have a very basic understanding of fishing. Take some time to learn from an expert and you will be able to catch all types of fish using a wide variety of methods.

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