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Make This the Best Summer Yet -- Kids Summer Outdoor Activity Plan


With summer vacation fast approaching it is probably a good idea to start planning some summer activities for your kids. The warm summer days are great for outdoor activities. A great idea to get ready for the upcoming summer is to make an outdoor activity plan for you and your kids.

Start with a Plan

Start by coming up with ideas for the activities your kids enjoy. There are a wide variety of outdoor activities that your children will enjoy, and one feature you will want to have in your Activity Plan is variety. You will want to include some craft activities, some games, some adventures and more.  Engage your children and come up with a list of all the things everyone would like to do and then you'll have lots of activities to choose from.  Don't forget to come up with indoor ideas for rainy day - museums and libraries make great options. 

As you figure out what activities your children would like plan in some rotation in activities, so they have some days of relaxation and some days of activity. In the beginning you will probably want to add in some leisurely activities, so they can relax after the busy end of the school year. Then as the summer progresses you can add in more active days to keep them entertained.


If you have a child that enjoys crafts you can plan some good craft projects that are great for doing outside. This can include finger painting, or leaf printing among many other things. Science projects are also great outdoor activities, since the mess is more limited and your kids will learn and have fun.  Find craft ideas.

Explore Your Neighborhood

Be sure to plan some recreational activities around your area. Find new bike paths and fun places to explore. Plan in some days at the local park, and maybe even plan to invite some of your children's friends. These are great treats to keep the kids entertained during the summer and you can stay local.

Plant a Garden

You can also plan in a long term project that is outside. Maybe you can get your kids interested in some gardening. If they are interested in this you can make trips to the garden store and pick out some plants that they can learn how to plant and take care of. Then near the end of the summer they can enjoy learning how to cook the fruits of their garden.

Take a Road Trip

Finally, plan a trip somewhere. If you have time a week long trip is great, but if you don't have the ability a weekend is also great. The kids will have something to look forward to throughout the summer. Choose a spot where you can enjoy the outdoors. You can plan a camping trip to a new destination, or visit the ocean or a lake. There are numerous options for enjoying the outdoors during a family camping trip.

If you start your summer with a few great ideas for activities for some summer days as well as trips and more you are sure to have a fun and active summer. Your kids will have a great time and will have lots of stories to share with their friends when they go back to school in the fall.
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