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The more the merrier. 

Camping can bring together parents, kids of all ages + grandparents and extended family - great for a family reunion

Many people mistakenly characterize camping as an activity for the younger generations. There are plenty of ideas for activities for young adults and families with children. However, camping is a fantastic activity for people of all ages, and it is even better when you enjoy some multi-generational camping. The next time you plan a camping trip try to bring together as many generations of your family as possible.

Camping | Something for Everyone - a little advance planning makes camping a great option for every age.

Every generation involved in your camping experience will bring a different perspective and set of experiences and knowledge. This means that not only can you learn a lot from having multiple generations camping together, but you will also have the opportunity to try new activities that you may have never tried before.

Small children can sometimes be a trial to travel with, they have a harder time being patient on the way to the destination. They also have a somewhat shorter attention span. Despite these small difficulties, camping with children can be an immensely rewarding experience. If you do not have small children of your own, you can invite along friends or family members that have small children.

When you camp with small children be prepared to have lots of activities lined up, but they cannot be beyond their abilities for an activity. You will want to try activities that will keep the children busy and tire them out during the day. They experience wonder at the smallest things, so camping can renew your sense of wonder at the world, and they have the opportunity to learn all about new aspects of the world from you.

On the other end of the age spectrum, older generations are also lots of fun to camp with. One way to enjoy this is to invite grandparents and great grandparents on camping trips. The age range of grandparents can be middle age to elderly. If you are camping with elderly grandparents, you may have to make different living arrangements during your stay, depending on the health and physical needs of your elderly travelers. Perhaps RVing would be more comfortable for some travelers as opposed to sleeping on the small pad in a tent.

You may also need to take into consideration the abilities your elderly travelers when planning activities. Perhaps shorter day hikes would be better instead of long backpacking trips. Grandparents and older travelers have a wide range of knowledge and experience. Going on a camping trip with them is a wonderful opportunity to hear their stories and learn from them.

Sit back, relax and enjoy - camping is magical.

Each age has it's own unique attributes and every generation has a different set of knowledge. Multi-generational camping allows all of this knowledge and perspective to come together. The whole group will be enriched just by being together for a period of time. Campfires are a great place for campers to share their stories. You can make your multi-generational camping trip a sort of family reunion, or instead you can invite along friends of all different age groups.
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