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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina & Asheville, North Carolina

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

This South Carolina town is probably best known as a fantastic spring break destination. However, it is a true South Carolina gem throughout the year. There are miles of sandy beaches, offering options for many water sports. In addition the town is filled with attractions for the whole family.

Visitors to Myrtle Beach are sure to enjoy spending time during their vacation on the miles of sandy beaches. These beaches are a fantastic destination to explore the many options for water sports in the area. Myrtle Beach's water sport options include surfing, kayaking, diving, windsurfing and much more.

The family will also love all of the attractions. There are many water parks in the area, which excellent slides and rides for all visitors. Another great attraction in Myrtle Beach is the SkyWheel Ferris wheel, which is located on the Oceanfront Boardwalk and Promenade. The SkyWheel is 18 stories high, and visitors ride in enclosed glass gondolas and can see amazing views of the town and ocean. Along the Oceanfront Boardwalk travelers can enjoy the views of the beach, as well as exploring the many shops and dining and the delicious restaurants along the way.

Myrtle Beach is also known as the "Miniature Golf Capitol of the World." Many visitors may not be aware of its many miniature golf courses. There are over 50 different golf courses to explore and see the amazing features. The range of themes stretch from volcanoes to palm trees. One of these fantastic miniature golf courses is Mayday Golf. This course has a great story to accompany its fun 18 hole course. Visitors are survivors of a plane crash on a tropical island. While waiting to be rescued golfers play on "Mayday Mountain" and "Rescue Falls." Throughout Mayday Golf there are fantastic tropical themed courses.

Myrtle Beach is a wonderful year-round destination. Some travelers may enjoy the busy atmosphere during the high season in the spring and summer. Others may enjoy the less crowded off-season. No matter what time of year visitors choose to explore Myrtle Beach they are sure to find plenty of excitement and fun activities.

Asheville, North Carolina

This North Carolina town is filled with amazing attractions. Visitors are sure to be stunned by the variety of activities and destinations to explore. The region is filled with beauty as well. Throughout the year the Blue Ridge Mountains offer spectacular views as well as many recreational opportunities.

Visitors to Asheville should be sure to stop and enjoy the Biltmore Estate, an 8,000 acre estate built by George Vanderbilt. At this destination visitors can enjoy guided tours of the house and gardens. The Antler Hill Village also has plenty of activities, including a winery, which is fantastic for tastings. Visitors to the estate can also enjoy a variety of outdoor experiences, including horseback rides, carriage rides, biking, fishing and much more. Travelers looking to enjoy comfortable and luxury accommodations can book a stay at the Inn on Biltmore Estate, which provides a cozy retreat and offers views of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Blue Ridge Mountains offer an amazing range of recreational activities. The lovely area is great for hiking, mountain biking and even whitewater rafting. In addition Asheville is a great place to start a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Great Smoky Mountains are known for their stunning diversity. Within the park visitors will find over 800 miles of trails, which are a wonderful way to see the flora and fauna of the mountains. The hiking in this park ranges from short day hikes to challenging backcountry backpacking. For non-hikers there are also opportunities to enjoy biking, fishing, camping and more.

Another way to explore some of the region's beauty is to drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway. This drive stretches from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. The over 490 miles of the drive encompass opportunities to hike, camp, picnic, explore exhibits and enjoy beautiful views. Along this drive visitors can stop at Cumberland Knob, Julian Price Memorial Park, the Parkway Visitor Center and many more sites.

Another fantastic historic destination within Asheville is the Basilica St. Lawrence. It is an amazing example of architecture, with stained glass windows, statues and more. The architects of the Basilica were the same as those for the Biltmore Estate. Visitors can marvel at the beautiful architecture and see the largest freestanding elliptical dome in the United States.

Asheville is one of North Carolina's true gems. Visitors have access to a huge range of stunning outdoor destinations and the town is filled with amazing attractions as well. While exploring Asheville visitors can spend time marveling at beautiful architecture and drive along one of the most scenic drives in the country. This destination will have something for everyone at any time of the year.
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