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Fog Fest, Pacifica, California


Every year the town of Pacifica in California hosts the Pacific Coast Fog Fest. This festival celebrates life on the Pacific coast. The festival especially celebrates the climate, including the san, surf and more. Visitors to the festival can spend their time enjoying, the warm weather and the beauty of the Pacific coast.

Fog Fest is held each year on the last week in September. At this festival visitors will enjoy a wide array of activities and events to enjoy. There is a parade, many booths with arts and crafts, as well as delicious food, a sand castle contest and much more.

The Pacific Coast Fog Fest is kicked off with the Annual Pacific Coast Fog Fest Parade. This wonderful event starts on Saturday morning and runs along Palmetto Avenue of Pacifica. Those travelers attending this festival have the opportunity to enjoy all the floats and entertainment of the parade, as well as the celebrities that participate.

After watching the parade visitors can enjoy the wide array of arts and crafts found throughout the festival. Artists from the entire Bay Area participate in this festival. With over 150 different booths visitors are sure to find some arts and crafts that they love. There are booths with pottery, paintings, leather work, metal arts, wood arts, jewelry and much, much more.

While exploring the arts and crafts booths, visitors can also enjoy the amazing food options at the festival. Every year there are different food booths, but there are always some amazing and widely varying food options. In the past there have been BBQ booths, teriyaki booths, seafood,    tacos, sandwiches, cajun food, even deep friend artichokes. Another great option for adults is the wide selection of wines and beers, including drinks that are special to the festival. The travelers enjoying all that the festival has to offer are sure to enjoy exploring the festival with some delicious drinks and food in their bellies.

Another feature of the festival are the live music performances. There are three stages that hold performances throughout the days of the festival, including many different bands. The stages feature musicians, performers, family friendly bands, and music of all varieties. Many of these bands are local, so visitors get to enjoy all that the region has to offer in arts and crafts, foods and music.

Fog Fest also has some wonderful options for children. There is an Amusement Area, which includes an obstacle course, slides and much more. Visitors will also find a fantastic Annual Family Fun Fest. This event offers wonderful family friendly activities and competition. Visitors can also enjoy the different contests of the festival. There is a Marching Band Competition which provides some excellent entertainment. Visitors can also enjoy the Photo Contest, and more. One of the best competitions is the Sand Sculpture Competition, which results in some amazing and elaborate sand sculptures for everyone to enjoy. 

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