Enjoy Camping More – Get Fit with Cardio.

We’ve all heard the saying “just do it.” The principal behind a cardio workout is “just do a little more.” You are already getting cardio exercise by cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, or packing your RV for your next big adventure. One of the benefits of cardio workouts is that there are many different types to choose from, so there is a higher chance of completing a routine. Almost any activity can be included in a cardio workout.
There are numerous activities that you can do that do not cost you anything but your time. By far the simplest workout is walking or riding a bike, however you need to ensure that you’re going fast enough to cause your heart rate to slightly increase. If you can talk easily without puffing you are not walking fast enough to have any aerobic benefit.
If getting out of the house is difficult, you can use cleaning activities for your workout. Keep moving while you clean! Activities such as scrubbing and vacuuming burn calories. Just because house chores are boring doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself while your doing them. Play music while you work and dance along. Encourage children to join you and get them exercising as well.
Can’t get motivated? Showing up is half the battle, so find a walking partner (you probably have on sitting on the couch next to you), join a fitness group, or get a dog.
Get a fitness partner
If you have a partner counting on you, it makes showing up easier. Plus having someone to share the walk or bike ride with makes the time pass more quickly. Exercise becomes a social outing instead of a dreaded chore.
Join a group exercise program
Most communities offer some type of group exercise program and most of them are free or charge just a minimal fee. Make friends in the class so you have a pleasant reason for making getting to class a priority.
Get a dog
One of the easiest ways to add a little more cardio to your day is to get a dog. Dogs need to walk and they need you to walk with them, 3 – 4 times a day. Additionally pet ownership has been proven to ease depression and lower blood pressure. Just make sure you do your research to find the right breed for you. If you are an active RVer, smaller might be better.
At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter how you get your exercise – just get it! When you’re fit, all of your camping chores will be easier and more pleasant. Plus the next time the kids or grandkids want to take that extra hike, you’ll be ready.
As with any fitness program, check with your doctor before beginning. Start out with simple activities to gain motivation and increase the frequency and duration slowly. Make sure you don’t over do it, and you will see results.
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