Rollerblading - a fun way to stay in shape

A Guide to Rollerblading for Fun and Fitness

Rollerblading is an excellent sport that just about anyone can enjoy. Experience and types of skating range in difficulty from simple recreational skating, to a much more aggressive style of skating. Those inline skaters with the desire and skill can also try sports like inline figure skating, speed skating, and roller hockey.

After you have mastered the basics of rollerblading, you can begin to master the sport. There are a variety of different methods and styles that you can try. Many people enjoy rollerblading just for the simple pleasure of exercise and exploring their locale on wheels. However, some athletes prefer to perfect their sport and compete in their chosen sport. The sport of rollerblading has many variations and styles that allow competition.

Some types of rollerblading, including free skating and aggressive skating, have a heavy emphasis on tricks. Free skating is a type of rollerblading that is primarily about getting from start to finish as fast as possible. Also known as urban skating, free skating is set in an urban setting and participants must travel through streets and travel around any obstacles as fast as possible in order o reach the finish. In addition to emphasizing speed, free skating often includes different tricks, such as jumps, slides and grinds in order to reach the end goal.

Jumps, slides and grinds are tricks that any inline skater can learn. For the inline skaters that prefer performing tricks and challenging maneuvers, aggressive skating is a popular form of the sport. Aggressive skating can be performed in an urban setting, like free skating, and this style is often called street skating. Aggressive skaters can also be found at skate parks performing tricks on the obstacles created specifically to cater to tricks. Street skaters use any type of urban obstacle to perform amazing tricks ranging from jumps and slides to grinds and airs. Competitions in aggressive skating require contestants to perform increasingly difficult and dangerous tricks in order to outmatch their competition.

Some inline skaters prefer to go the way of inline speed skating. Inline speed skating is all about racing. Unlike free skating and aggressive skating inline speed skating does not involve tricks or obstacles. The competitions take place on roller skating rinks, or on outdoor rinks. Inline speed skating competitions include a variety of different events and formats that range from sprints to longer distance relay competitions. Many athletes who choose inline speed skating can also ice speed skate as the seasons change.

Roller hockey is of course another, yet completely different form of rollerblading. In this sport teams compete against each other for the puck, using sticks to pass and direct the puck into the goal. Roller hockey is played essentially the same way as ice hockey, but the equipment has been redesigned in order to adapt to the non-ice conditions.

Each of these sports requires different skills and is comprised of a different group of people. Each sport requires skill, and experience, as well as having different equipment requirements. Whichever sport a beginning inline skater may choose if they want to develop their skills as a skater, they will have fun mastering one of these excellent sports.

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