Easter Pets

Easter, with its warm weather, sunny skies, and joyous egg hunts is such a great holiday to spend with your pet! All across the country, small towns and humane societies are busily preparing dog-friendly Easter events that are more fun than a box of marshmallow bunnies. Wouldn't you (and your dog) love to participate in an Easter Bonnet Parade or a special doggy Egg Hunt?

Towns like Tulsa Oklahoma, Fernandina Beach Florida, Long Beach California, and Deerfield Township Ohio, along with many others host Easter events that are specially designed for people and pooches. Some hold Easter Bonnet Parades for dogs decked out in floral hats, biking caps, sunglasses, and leis. These are great fun for the whole family, whether you go as spectators or as parade participants. Vote for your favorite costume and then see what wins the award of Best-in-Parade! A costume contest with several different categories, from "most sophisticated" to "most festive", is a popular part of many of these events. Some parades even include speed-eating contests and awards for things like goofiest smile, so be sure to enter your dog for a chance to win.

Many communities also hold annual Doggy Easter Egg hunts. You could train your dog to carry the Easter basket or just let your puppy's incredible nose sniff out the hidden treats. Just be sure to keep your pup away from chocolate (this is particularly dangerous for small dogs and dogs of any size who eat dark chocolate. Be sure to check with your veterinarian if you think your dog has ingested chocolate.) If you keep dog biscuits or your pup's favorite treat in your pocket, you can reward your pet for being a good Egg Hunt companion without risking an upset doggy tummy.

Pet costumes are easy and fun to make. You can create a special hat or headpiece, or keep it simple with a decorative ruff or collar. If your dog already has a jacket, sweater, or harness, you might think of simple ways to convert that into a splashy costume. More elaborate costumes drape down in front of the dog, giving the (often hilarious) illusion of a fully-dressed human body dangling below your pet's face.

For large and medium-sized dogs, a small person's t-shirt can make a fun outfit - just be sure to get one with a wide neck or v-neck, so it'll go easily over your dog's head, and find one that's small enough so your dog doesn't trip itself while walking. Look for bright spring colors like canary yellow, petal pink, baby blue, and grass green.

This might be a good time to treat your dog to a new egg-shaped squeaky toy, a colorful leash, or a wooly-lamb stuffed animal (shop for these at discount stores, garage sales, and flea markets). And, of course, what your dog wants most is play time with you, so celebrate spring by including your furry friend in your Easter activities!Looking for more information and other great articles about camping with pets? Visit PetCamping.com