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Coleman Bug Repellents

Don’t Forget the Repellents

Coleman Repellents Offers a Variety of Helpful New Products for Campers

You’re ready to camp. Your most trusted outdoor gear is all packed and organized. But, did you remember the insect repellent? After all, experienced outdoor enthusiasts understand that nothing can ruin an enjoyable outing with family and friends quite like a swarm of blood-thirsty mosquitoes.

A New Option in the Camping Aisle:

Fortunately, there’s now a comprehensive new repellent option in the camping/sporting goods aisle at major retailers nationwide. Coleman Repellents is a complete family of products that will keep the mosquitoes and other annoying bugs away next time you’re enjoying the great outdoors.

The new line includes repellents with varying levels of DEET, from 15 to 100 percent, as well as a unique DEET Free alternative called SkinSmart. SkinSmart is safe for the entire family and provides up to eight hours of highly effective, odorless protection. Plus, it won’t leave a greasy residue on the skin or damage GORE-TEX products and other technical gear the way DEET-based repellents can.

Most of the new Coleman Repellents are available in a variety of user-friendly packages, including a compact, Go Ready™ spray pen, a five-ounce pump spray and a six-ounce aerosol spray.

The Go Ready spray pens are ideal for anyone on-the-go. They’re just slightly larger than a typical writing pen, but offer more than 200 sprays. In addition, they incorporate a helpful combo-clip that allows campers to keep the product nearby at all times. The sprayer can be clipped into a shirt pocket or easily attached to a backpack, duffle bag or other gear.

Area & Gear Repellents:

In addition to products for use on the skin, Coleman Repellents also offers other great options for campers, including a Yard & Camp Fogger, a Clothing & Gear Insect Treatment, and a Citronella Lantern.

The Yard & Camp Fogger comes in a 16-ounce aerosol can. When sprayed around the perimeter of a campsite, it will successfully repel and kill mosquitoes, flies, gnats, hornets and other bugs. The Gear & Clothing Insect Treatment is designed to repel and kill biting insects for up to two weeks. It’s an ideal product for anyone looking to establish a protective barrier around their shoes, nets, tent, or clothing.

Finally, the long lasting and pleasantly-fragrant Citronella Lantern incorporates the classic look and easy-to-transport design of the legendary Coleman Northstar® Lantern – a familiar companion to countless campers around the globe. The unique candle provides a comforting glow while also helping to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away from your campsite.

Learn More and Register to Win:

For additional details about any of the new Coleman Repellents, please visit While online, you can view a list of retailers, read helpful insect avoidance tips, and even register for Bugsy’s Great Gear Giveaway. Bugsy, the official Coleman Repellents mascot, will be presenting the Ultimate Camping Prize Package to one lucky winner. The package, valued at more than $1,000, includes a tent, sleeping bag, lantern, portable grill, cooler and a year’s worth of insect repellents. Register today!

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