Gear Guide | Canyon Hiking Trip


Essential Gear for Canyon Hiking Trips

There are all different types and places to hike. Each destination and trail presents its own unique requirements and preparations. Canyon hiking also has some unique challenges. Here is a list of gear necessary for any canyon hike. However, it is important to remember that each hike is unique and requires certain preparations and research prior to embarking on any canyon adventure.

Heavy duty backpack, using a good quality lightweight back while canyon hiking is important (necessary for longer trips)
Day pack, for both day and longer hikes is necessary
Water and containers
Water purification system
Food and food preparations materials
Small cook stove and fuel
Cleaning materials for dishes
Personal and emergency information
Maps and trail guides
First aid kit
Sleeping Bag and sleeping pad
Good quality hiking boots
Comfortable clothing for layering, including light rain gear
Brimmed hat
Bug repellant
Fire lighting implements
Knife or multi-tool
Tennis shoes or sandals for any wading required while hiking in canyons
Personal hygiene items
Toilet paper and all leave-no-trace camping supplies, including trash bags
Backcountry permits