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Confused about wicking? Baffled by sleeping bag ratings?  We’ll help you wade through the techno speak of high performance camping and outdoor gear.  Having the perfect camp clothes makes camping and participating in outdoor sports fun and comfortable no matter what Mother Nature dishes out.

RV Gear Guide | Luxury Camping


Turn Your RV in Into a Luxury Resort

Any RV or campsite can be made a luxury camping experience with a little preparation.  Luxury camping offers a very different experience than other types of camping. With this unique experience you will need to be prepared with different gear than you would bring if you were planning a backcountry trip. Many luxury camping resorts already provide everything you need other than your personal items, however others only provide the facilities. Make sure you know what types of amenities are provided at your selected destination. Here are a few things you will want to be sure you bring along during a luxury camping trip.

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