Georgia Camping and RVing Travel Guides


The Peach of the South
Georgia will wrap you in the warm embrace of Southern hospitality and sunshine. This home of Gone With the Wind features more than antebellum plantations - you'll find mountain peaks, golden marshes, alligator swamps, and white-sand beaches. Georgia's major cities, Atlanta and Savannah, offer fine dining, art museums, and civic pride. But for sheer natural beauty, trade in the city for the countryside.

Over two-thirds of Georgia is covered in forest. In the north, its mountain ranges merge into a network of rivers, trails, and waterfalls. Further south you'll find peach orchards, cotton fields, forests, and farms. The southern coast is a seafood haven, where restaurants offer boiled shrimp and Cajun gumbo. Turtles and dolphins swim near the shores, exploring the beaches and coastal islands. Look for lighthouses on the coast, or watch the gulls dive over the surf.
Georgia has no shortage of wildlife - one trip into the 350,000-acre Okefenokee Swamp offers alligators, snakes, turtles, lizards, and over 200 species of birds. All across Georgia, watch for deer, raccoons, and black bears. Bird watchers will add to their life lists in Georgia, tracking down quail, ospreys, wild turkeys, doves, bald eagles, hawks, and woodpeckers.