Road Trip | Western and Central Massachusetts

Road Trip Western and Central Massachusetts | History, Nature,  Arts and Music


The Central and Western regions of Massachusetts are filled with wonderful recreation destinations. These two regions offer visitors an amazing road trip opportunity. As visitors travel across these parts of the state, visitors will find destinations for enjoying the arts, learning about the history of the state, recreating at many outdoor destinations and much more.

Central Massachusetts

This region of Massachusetts has some fascinating destinations with historical significance, and destinations that offer look into the heritage of the state. One fantastic destination is Old Sturbridge Village. This is a wonderful living history museum, which depicts life in the region from the late 1700s and early 1800s. This museum has buildings for visitors to tour, a working farm and much more.

Another wonderful destination to learn about the history of Massachusetts is the Springfield Armory National Historic Site. Visitors to this site will learn about the important role that Springfield Armory played in the military and industrial history of the country. Springfield Armory has the largest collection of historic firearms in the world. In addition to learning about American history and seeing the firearms collection visitors can take self-guided or ranger tours of the grounds and buildings.

Central Massachusetts is also a fantastic destination for enjoying the arts. Worcester has many attractions to enjoy. The Worcester Art Museum has an amazing collection of art, including art that is 5,000 years old. Another wonderful art museum is the Fruitlands Museum, which has lots of museum about the history of New England.

Visitors to the Central Region of Massachusetts will also find plenty of destinations to enjoy the outdoors. One great destination visitors won't want to miss is the Douglas State Forest.  This park has miles of trails for hiking and biking. In addition, visitors will find Wallum Lake, which is a fantastic destination to enjoy beaches, swimming and other water sports.

Western Massachusetts

After exploring some of the attractions of Central Massachusetts, visitors can travel west and explore the Western region of the state. One way to enjoy the region is to drive the Mohawk Trail. This scenic byway stretches from the border of New England to the Connecticut River. Some sights visitors should be sure to visit are the Bridge of Flowers, the Hoosac Tunnel and Shelburne Falls.

Throughout the region there are many destinations filled with history. The Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum is a wonderful spot to learn about the train system at a restored depot. Visitors can also stop at Old Greenfield Village, which is a replica of a historic town.

Western Massachusetts is also filled with wonderful destinations to enjoy recreation. Throughout the region visitors can fish, kayak, hike, rock climb, winter sports and much more. The DAR State Forest is located in the foothills of the Berkshires, and is a wonderful destination for swimming, hiking, biking and much more. Mount Greylock State Reservation is home to the highest point in the state. At Mount Greylock State Reservation visits can go hiking on the trails, as well as, camp, backpack and much more. Another wonderful destination is Bish Bash Falls State Park, which is home to the tallest waterfall in Massachusetts. Bish Bash Falls have a stunning drop of over eighty feet.

This region is also a wonderful destination to enjoy arts and music. One destination in particular is the Tanglewood Music Center and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. In Lenox, the Tanglewood Music Center has an amazing music festival each summer. The Tanglewood Music Center is the summer venue for the Boston Symphony Orchestra and they as well as other put on amazing performances.
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