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Cayo Costa State Park is fantastic Florida park. Visitors to the Gulf Coast of Florida should be sure to make a day trip to this park. With beautiful sandy beaches and lots of wildlife, this is a great destination for all visitors to the state.

Located on La Costa Island, which is one of Florida's Gulf Coast Barrier Islands. La Costa is a one of a chain of barrier islands along the coast of Florida. Other islands in the chain include Sanibel and Captiva Islands. As an island park, Cayo Costa does have limits for access.

Cayo Costa State Park is only accessible by boat or helicopter. For those that wish to visit this park can get to the island by ferry, or private boat, or charter boat. In addition, for an even bigger adventure, travelers can take a helicopter to the island.

Although access to the park is somewhat limited, the island is truly a Florida paradise. Visitors can enjoy miles of white sandy beaches. In addition to being a great place to enjoy the warm Florida sun, and plenty of beach relaxation there are also many recreational activities to participate in along these beaches.

Cayo Costa's beaches are great for beach combing and shell collecting. For these that enjoy these activities, visitors should be sure to be aware of the ecological significance of the items that wash up on the beach. Removing sand and shells from beaches can have an impact on the ocean and the creatures that live in the ocean.

This park is also a great destination for swimming, snorkeling and diving. There are plenty of beautiful fish and other tropical sea creatures. While enjoying the water recreation visitors should also keep an eye out for manatees and dolphins, which inhabit the surrounding waters.

The park also provides plenty of other recreational opportunities. The island has nature trails which are great for hiking and biking. In addition there are educational programs about the park. Camping on the island is another great option for visitors that wish to stay for a few days.

Cayo Costa State Park is a wonderful Florida island paradise. There are many fascinating activities to enjoy at this park, including enjoying the beautiful beaches and swimming in the warm waters. Visitors are sure to enjoy all that this park has to offer.
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