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Green Hills & Bluegrass
Explorers like Daniel Boone led adventurous lives delving deep into the Bluegrass State's wild frontier. They encountered rare, breathtaking sights: natural arches made of sandstone, waterfalls with "moonbows" - night rainbows caused by moonlight playing in the mist - and caves that seem to go on forever. Much of Kentucky's natural wilderness is now preserved in state and national parks for all future generations to enjoy.
Kentucky's about beautiful wilderness but it's also about Bluegrass, a way of life here. It's true that hills are bluish-green thanks to the bluegrass that grows so abundantly in central Kentucky. But Bluegrass also describes the famous home-spun music that emanates from these hills, performed by talented musicians on banjos, guitars, and mandolins. And Bluegrass is about warmth and hospitality, good cooking, rich traditions, and everything else that goes with beautiful rolling hill territory.

The world's best-known horse race, the Kentucky Derby, takes place right here in Louisville every year in May. Founded in 1875 by Meriwether Lewis Clark (grandson of the famous William Clark from the Lewis & Clark Expedition), the Kentucky Derby attracts thousands of racing enthusiasts who cheer enthusiastically and bet on their favorite horse. You'll find many internationally-known horse farms throughout the state's central Bluegrass region.

In between enjoying Kentucky's wilderness frontier and taking in Bluegrass hospitality, take time to tour the state's many historical sites. Near Hodgenville you'll find President Abraham Lincoln's birthplace. Franklin, the state capital, is home to the African American Heritage Center and the Shaker Museum. In Lexington, visit Mary Todd Lincoln's house. A Kentucky vacation offers you a first-hand look at America's frontier and fascinating history.
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