MassachusettsCamping and RVing Travel Guides


Home of the Minutemen
Forests, rivers, and broad, sandy beaches await in Massachusetts. Whether you begin in the wooded Berkshires in the west, hiking near waterfalls and streams, or on the fast-moving streets of Boston, you'll find plenty to do and see.

In the west, the wooded hills of the Berkshires beckon hikers and boaters alike. Stop there for a day of fishing or falls viewing. To the east lies the Connecticut River valley, a land of lush farm fields and small rural towns. Further east you'll find the booming city of Worcester, nestled in between college towns and secluded ponds. On the coast lies Boston, the hub of historic sites and modern-day wonders. When you've had your fill of shopping and dining, head to Cape Cod. This is the land of long, white beaches, sand dunes, and washing waves. Visit the Cape Cod National Seashore to watch for birds or explore the tidepools.

Wherever you go in the woods and beaches of this state, be sure to watch for wildlife. Massachusetts is home to black bears, geese, beavers, fishers, wild turkeys, moose, and bobcats, in addition to hundreds of bird and marine species.