At-Home Spa Treatments

At-Home Spa Treatments

These days, it's more important than ever to save money while still finding ways to partake in life's luxuries. Maybe you have had to forgo trips to the spa, or maybe the spa is a luxury you have never enjoyed. Either way, the spa is great way to relax and refresh yourself after a stressful week. If you'd like to enjoy the luxuries of the spa without actually going to one, there are a few easy spa treatments that you can do at home.

Manicure and Pedicure
At-home manicures and pedicures make you feel spectacular and only take a few minutes of your day. You will need a few simple tools for your at-home manicure and pedicure. The essential tools you will need are a pair of nail clippers and a nail file. For a more deluxe experience you could purchase a full mani/pedi kit, which should include nail clippers, nail file, cuticle nippers, cuticle pushers and a buffer. To take care of you feet you can also purchase a foot smoother which can be used in the shower or after a soak to take care of dry skin and calluses on your feet. Finally you will need your favorite color of polish, some topcoat, bottom-coat, and lotion.

Soak you feet in warm water for a few minutes while reading your favorite book or magazines. After you have finished soaking, use your foot smoother for softer soles. Then give your feet and calves a mini-massage while rubbing in your favorite lotion. Use your nail care tools to tidy your cuticles and nails before applying bottom-coat, polish and topcoat. Use the time while you wait for the polish to dry to sit down and relax with a good book.

If you don't feel you have the time to spend on a full manicure and pedicure, choose one or the other. Manicures take less time, but the process of a pedicure can be surprisingly relaxing. Also, if you don't like wearing nail polish you can still enjoy the luxury of a manicure and pedicure.  Simply use your buffer to smooth out the ridges and give your nails a beautiful shine.

Steam Room
Another great luxury the spa offers is the steam room. You can simulate the steam room at home very simply. All you will need is a shower with nice hot water and a few drops of essential oils. You can choose your favorite essential oil scent such as a few drops each of Oregano oil, Cinnamon oil, Thyme oil and Clove oil.

Some oils can help open up the lungs and clear congestion. Oils combined with steam are great for people suffering from sinus problems, allergies or even colds. Steam combined with essential oils can also be beneficial for the skin. The steam helps to open and clean pores.

Essential oils and steam are more simple and inexpensive than the spa or a facial. You can put a few drops of oil on the floor of your shower or  on a washcloth, then turn the shower on hot and let the steam build up. Make sure not to get in the shower when the water is too hot and be careful not to slip on the oils if you put them on the floor.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of steam without taking a shower, you can fill a bowl with steaming hot water, add a few drops of oil and place your head under a towel over the water. The towel traps the steam around your face, so you get all the benefits without having to use the shower.

Take a Bath
Taking a bubble bath can be one of the most relaxing at-home spa treatments. All you need is a bathtub, a little bit of bubble bath, a few candles, your favorite book and some peace and quite. After a long week treat yourself to a little relaxation. Run a nice hot bath and add some bubble bath, using enough to make lots of suds. If you don't like bubbles, you can use bath salts or bath oils according to your preference.

Light some candles, dim the lights and enjoy a nice long soak. After the water has started to cool, step out of the tub and rub yourself down with lotion. You will come out with sumptuous soft skin and feeling relaxed.

These at-home treatments will provide you with a refreshing spa experience without the expense of the spa. You can enjoy these treatments as often as you like, after a long week, a stressful day, or even if you just feel like treating yourself. When you go home tonight, treat yourself and give one of these treatments a try.
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