Canoe Camping

Canoe Camping

Canoe camping is a fun variation on traditional camping. This is a fantastic way for canoe enthusiasts to combine their love of canoeing with the pleasures of camping. Now you can pack your camping gear, your canoeing gear and head out to your favorite paddling destination.

This type of camping gives you a chance to experience nature for multiple days at a time. Instead of carrying your gear as you hike, as you do in backpacking, you pack your gear in your canoe where weight is not an issue. You are also able to experience places in nature that you would not be able to reach during day hikes while car camping. People who love to fish may especially enjoy canoe camping, since this type of camping allows you to reach great fishing locations that may be difficult to get to any other way.

Packing Up

You will have more room in your canoe than you would in a backpack. This added room means that you are able to pack more gear, allowing you more comfort on your trip. It is important that you don't over-pack though, as there are times when you have to carry everything, such as to and from you car. You must remember that you will also have to haul all your gear when you come to any portages. Packing excess gear also weighs down your canoe and takes more time to pack up each day.

Make sure your gear is of good quality. Bringing waterproof gear on a canoe camping trip is also a good idea. When you are deciding what to bring on your trip, plan on packing all the items you would bring on a backpacking trip. You will need a tent, sleeping bags, your clothing with extras for good measure, first aid kits with bug repellant which will free you from the irritation of mosquitoes. Cooking equipment, lanterns, plenty of water bottles are also essential. You will need to be prepared to leave no trace when you are camping, so bring any toilet articles that you will need, such as a portable toilet and a shovel.

Keeping your gear dry is important on a canoe trip, so bring an assortment of dry bags. One dry bag should be dedicated to garbage; you will need to pack all of your garbage out with you. For a little more comfort on your trip you can bring a small cooler and a fold-up chair.

When you get going on your trip you will need to make sure you pack your gear thoughtfully. You want your canoe to be balanced. If your canoe is unbalanced it can make your trip much more difficult. Always tie your load; you don't want to lose your things if you capsize. Pack the items you will use during the day, so they are easily accessible. You will need to plan you packing, so that you can easily replicate your packing and tying methods each morning to streamline your trip.

Your Destination

When you decide to go canoe camping you will open a world of possible destinations. Since there are bodies of water all over the United States you will have many places to choose from. Choose a place that suits the type of trip you have in mind. There are also places that will suit any level of experience.

If you want to do a lot of fishing on your trip, plan a trip to a great fishing area. You can also find places that have amazing sights. Canoe camping enthusiasts can even sign up for a trip through the Grand Canyon. These trips usually have a waiting list that is years long, but even so, a canoe trip through the Grand Canyon is a truly amazing experience.

It is important that you plan a trip suitable for your experience level. As with any canoe trip, you need to be aware of the waters that you plan on traveling. You need to be aware of the currant conditions and the weather forecasts. Always plan your trip thoroughly and carefully. Being fully prepared will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Inexperienced canoe campers should experience a few, short overnight trips before heading out for a longer trip. Shorter trips give you the chance to get used to being out overnight and spending the day canoeing. You should also be prepared to pack all of your waste out on your trip. You need to be familiar with leave no trace camping. Many places you could choose to visit will have no facilities, and if you are unused to this type of camping you should give it a few short practice runs. These practice trips will allow you to be comfortable and confident when you paddle into the wilderness for a longer stay.

The next time you have a hankering for a water-based trip, try canoe camping. You will be able to paddle to new and wild places. While you float downstream during the day and set up camp for the night, you can explore some of this nation's vast wilderness.
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