Real Haunted Houses

Real Haunted Houses

Instead of the local house of horrors or the mechanized haunted houses that you can visit at your local theme park, it may be time to experience a real haunted house. No matter where you look you will find stories of the paranormal, tales of ghosts, and the sad stories of those who died before their time, but could never move on. Often, the places where they died or their final resting places are haunted. For those seeking thrills this Halloween, find your local haunted house open to the public and pay a visit. Perhaps you will even have your own paranormal experience!

If you are looking for haunted houses near you, you will find that stories and sightings abound no matter where you live. Even small, supposedly peaceful towns have their own ghost stories. For those who are truly fascinated by the paranormal, there are plenty of famous haunted houses that are open to public tours. Some of the most haunted houses have even been featured on television.

Haunted houses have many different activities you can enjoy. There are tours, sometimes conducted during the day and sometimes at night. Some places give you the opportunity to spend some time in the haunted location with a Medium. Haunted hotels even offer the chance to stay the night in a haunted room. Perhaps during your time at the haunted house you will come away with an experience to chronicle or a picture that shows proof of the paranormal.

Real life haunted houses aren't just homes.  There are also haunted cemeteries, memorials, and even exhibits in museums that have stories of the paranormal. Sometimes soldiers are seen looking at their own memorials,or pilots are seen sitting in their planes. People tell tails of hearing children crying, laughing, and playing, or the rattle of chains.  Walking through cold spots, seeing phantoms, and seeing the furniture move on its own are all hallmarks of a true haunted house.

You hear the stories all the time, but visiting a haunted house gives you the opportunity to see if the stories are true. In Texas, visit the tomb of a Satan worshipper, where photos taken of the tombstone are always distorted. Check out the Air Force Museum in Ohio where victims of a plane crash have been seen staring at the display of some wreckage from the crash. There is a house in Hawaii that remains vacant to this day because of the particularly dangerous spirits that reside there. There is even a cemetery in Washington that has 13 steps that lead nowhere.  The story says that the cemetery was built by a family of Satanists, the steps are believed to lead to hell, and all those that dare to descend the steps die instantly.

These are just a few stories about places across the country. There are more of these stories in every community. Choose your favorite and experience the haunted house you find the most fascinating. To add to the experience, you can find someone who has the ability to connect with the other side and hold a seance in the haunted house or location. If you would prefer not to make a direct connection with ghosts, you can take a tour in the dark by candlelight or lamplight. The flickering candle will add to the overall atmosphere of the paranormal experience you are after. If the tales of the ghosts in your community are too chilling or gruesome, then you can stick with a guided tour of a popular destination.

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