How To Make Lavender Wands

How To Make Lavender Wands

This May, if you are looking for a new craft project, try making Lavender Wands. These delightful crafts are fun to make and when  you're finished you have a fresh-smelling lavender wand. Lavender wands can be used to freshen you drawers and closets while also keeping away the moths. Even better, lavender wands also make fabulous gifts. If you find that you enjoy making these wands you can make enough to give to all your friends and neighbors as springtime gifts.

You will need:
1/2" to 5/8" ribbon

Step 1. Pick between 12 and 14 stems of fresh lavender. Make sure to cut the stems long -- to make a nice lavender wand you need to have plenty of stem. When you cut the stems you may have some leaves left on the stem -- carefully remove the leaves before starting to make your wands. It is also best to allow the lavender to sit for a bit, in order to allow the stems to wilt slightly.

Step 2. Once you have picked your lavender, bundle the stems together with all of the flowers together on one end. When you have the lavender bundled together, tie the bundle together with a small piece of string at the base of the flowers. Make sure you tie the bundle together very tightly. Then tie one end of your ribbon around your bundle in the same place you tied the string.

Step 3. Holding the the bundle upside down, with the stems facing up, begin bending the stems down. You want to bend the stems down so the are evenly distributed around the flowers, creating a sort of cage around the flowers. Once you have all of the stems folded over, hold the stems together below the flowers.

Step 4. Pull the long end of the ribbon from inside the cage. Once you have the ribbon on the outside of the cage you are ready to start weaving the lavender wand. Weave the ribbon in and out of the lavender stems. The technique is to carefully weave the ribbon over one stem then under another, then over again. You want the ribbon to be woven tightly around the stems, but be careful during the weaving process not to pull out any of the flowers from the inside. As you are weaving down around the stems you will want each round of ribbon to touch the round before it, but not overlap. Continue weaving down, until the ribbon has reached the bottom of the flowers.

Step 5. Make sure the woven ribbon around the stems and flowers is tight.  Now tie a knot with the ribbon. At this point you can use the remaining ribbon to make a decorative bow, leaving the remainder of the stems unwoven. Or you could wind the ribbon down around the stems until you reach the bottom of the stems, then wind the ribbon back up the stems until you reach the flowers again and tie a decorative bow at the base of the flowers.

Step 6. As the lavender flowers and stems dry, your woven ribbon may loosen, so you will need to tighten it up again. At this point you have a finished lavender wand and can put it in your drawers, hang it in you closet, or give it away as you choose.

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