Grape Stomping

Grape Stomping

If you are looking for a fun new activity to enjoy during the summer and fall months, try grape stomping. Grape stomping is a great way to have a little fun during the harvest and get your feet a little dirty. Throughout the country there are many places and styles of grape stomping. While exploring your grape stomping options, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the delights of vineyards throughout the country.

Grape stomping is no longer used as a part of the wine making process, but it was for a long time an essential process in the making of wine. Today wine producers use presses to extract juice from the grapes rather than by stomping them. However, the tradition is kept alive by holding grape stomping events at local wineries. At a grape stomping event there are wooden barrels filled with grapes harvested for making wine. The stompers remove their shoes and socks and step into the wooden barrel and stomp and squish the grapes with bare feet.

You may have seen images of grape stomping on the classic "I Love Lucy" episode, if you decide to try out grape stomping for yourself, you are sure to have a great time. As you begin researching where to find a grape stomping event you will find that there are festivals throughout the country that hold grape stomping events. You will probably find a grape stomping festival near your town, your local winery may even have its own grape stomping event. In fact, you can probably find grape stomping events throughout the United States, as wine is being produced throughout the country.

Once you find your local grape stomping event you may find that there are many types of grape stomping contests. Sometimes people are competing to see who can extract the most juice from the grapes in a given period of time. Some grape stomping contests are about who stomps with the best style. You may even find costumed grape stomping events.

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