How to Make an Igloo

How to Make an Igloo

Building an igloo is a great way to spend a day enjoying the snow. You will need to be prepared to work hard, but if you do you will have a lot of fun. Building an igloo is a fabulous way to enjoy and spend some good quality time with friends and family.

To build an igloo you will need a few tools, you will need a nice cold, snowy area, a shovel or snow spade, a saw and possibly a ski. After you have your materials you will need to find an appropriate spot to build your igloo. The spot you choose should have a nice hard snow field to build the igloo and cut the blocks to make the igloo. Where you finally decide to place your igloo, the snow should be about 3 feet deep.

Draw a circle in the snow at the spot where you will build your igloo. Don't make the circle too big, or your igloo will be too big and unstable. You want you igloo to fit about 3 people at the maximum. Use your saw to cut the blocks for your igloo. Don't cut the blocks in the spot where you have draw your circle. Your blocks should be about 6 to 12 inches thick, and not so big that they break when carried. The blocks for the base should be larger than the blocks for the top.

When you have your blocks cut out, you can start building your igloo. Place the larger blocks in at the base on your drawn out circle. At one point in your circle you will need to make an opening, the door to your igloo. To make the door, place two blocks perpendicular to your base blocks. Complete the door by placing another block horizontally over the other door blocks.

Once you have your base set of blocks laid, you will need to cut an angle into the blocks. To make this easier, you can place a ski in the center of your igloo and cut an angle into the top of your base layer of blocks. If you don't cut the angle into your blocks you will end up building a tower. The angle sets up the curve that creates the dome shape of the igloo. Add a few more layers of blocks to your igloo.

At some point you will need to dig out the floor of your igloo, as well as dig out the floor of the door. Digging out the floor will increase the head room in your igloo. As you continue adding layers of blocks. As you build, you will want to continue cleaning out the floor of the igloo.

When you get to the topmost layers of blocks you might want to use a stick to prop up the top if you are worried about stability. When you get to the final block to finish the dome you will need to pull the block in through the door and place it from the inside.

To finish the igloo pack the cracks, there will be a few, with snow. From the inside you will want to smooth out the walls. Once your cracks are filled and your walls are smooth you are ready to enjoy your newly made igloo.

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