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North Dakota

North Dakota
The Northern Grasslands
Wildlife and open spaces reign supreme in America's least populated state. Come to North Dakota for its wild prairies, its colorful badlands, and its winter sports. From the big city of Fargo, along the Minnesota border, to Bismarck, the capital, you'll find rivers, lakes, and flower-filled grasslands. Travel the path that Lewis and Clark blazed through this state on their journey to the Pacific Ocean.
Theodore Roosevelt once said, "I never would have been President if it had not been for my experiences in North Dakota." After visiting the Dakota badlands in 1883, Roosevelt developed a life-long love of the state. It was the destruction of the Dakota wild lands that sparked his interest in wilderness conservation. As President, he created 5 national parks, 150 national forests, and 51 wildlife refuges. In honor of his love of North Dakota, some of the state's most beautiful territory is now a park that bears his name.
Today the farmers of North Dakota grow wheat, barley, alfalfa, corn, and sunflowers. Deer and moose roam its woods, while wild horses graze the grasslands. Look for eagles, soaring above the colorful canyons and gorges of this prairie state.
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