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Bighorn National Forest

Located in the Bighorn Mountains, the Bighorn National Forest has a beautifully diverse landscape for visitors to enjoy.

While exploring this National Forest visitors will find alpine meadows, grassland, valleys, rolling cliffs and even beautiful lakes. This park has 1,500 miles of trails and multiple reservoirs. Visitors will find that the Bighorn National Forest is abundant with recreational options, including nature watching, fishing, hiking and much more.


Devils Tower National Monument

Devils Tower National Monument is an amazing destination in Wyoming. The Devils Tower rises over 1260 feet above the Belle Fourche River. In fact, this area was the first National Monument, created by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906. Visitors to the park can explore woodlands, grasslands and pine forests. Within these beautiful habitats there is an amazing range of wildlife to see, including prairie dogs. In addition, recreational activities about within the National Monument, including hiking on the paved Tower Trail and rock climbing.


Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park celebrates the stunning Teton Range and the amazing beauty of the areas pristine landscape. This park is open year round and offers a wide range of recreational activities. At Grand Teton National Park you can hike, bike, camp, fish and boat. During the winter you can enjoy skiing and snowshoeing. The Grand Tetons also offer amazing backcountry camping. For the very adventurous, the park has climbing and backcountry camping combined.


Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is a great all around destination in Wyoming. It is an excellent place to find year-round outdoor adventure. During the summer vacationers to Wyoming can enjoy plenty of beautiful camping, boating, hiking, rafting and much more. In the winter, there are many other recreational activities to enjoy skiing and snowboarding at world class resorts, as well as many more winter activities. Jackson Hole is also located in close proximity to both Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park.


Medicine Lodge State Archeological Site

Located in northern Wyoming near the Bighorn National Forest, Medicine Lodge State Archeological Site is known for its petroglyphs and pictographs. In addition to exploring the petroglyphs, the site also allows visitors to see a variety of different vegetation zones, including desert basin and mountain meadows. Visitors can also enjoy recreation, including wildlife viewing, fishing, hiking and much more.


Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park is the nations first national park, and it has an amazing array of natural splendors. You can stop in at one of the visitor centers to learn about the abundant wildlife living in Yellowstone, Visitors will spot Elk and Bison while backcountry or day hiking. Bring or rent a bicycle and ride past Old Faithful. Experience the many thermal areas of Yellowstone including Mammoth Hot Springs, Norris Geyser Basin and the mud pots at Artist Paint Pots. Yellowstone has so much to offer each and every visitor and it never fails to provide amazing experiences.

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