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Saving Money on a RV Camping Trip

Travel of any kind can be expensive. Experienced RV travelers already know that there are savings to be found in traveling in an RV as opposed to flying and staying in hotels. However, traveling in an RV is still an expensive option. There are a few ways to make these travels even more budget friendly.


Start by spending some time researching RV sites and campgrounds. There are many options for budget camping. You can use the RV park finder and directory here on You to search for sites by state and region. In addition you can read about the site, learn about the options and amenities, and even read guest reviews. Not only are these helpful in finding a spot that fits your needs, but you can also take advantage of the online reservation system for many of the RV parks listed. You can save some by determining how much you will spend on sites ahead of time.

Cook Your Own Food

Another great option you have when RV traveling is having your own kitchen. One of the biggest expenses while traveling is eating out for every meal. Of course you can still enjoy eating out at local restaurants, but you can be much more budget friendly by reserving eating out as a special occasion. Not only do you save money by cooking your own meals you can take the opportunity to enjoy local flavor by seeking out a farmers market, which is also a great activity to enjoy. Although you have limited space in your RV for food supplies, you can make sure you keep some staples and shop in bulk as much as possible since it reduces costs.  Find great recipes at

Low Cost or Free Activities

Try enjoying actives that have little or no cost. Many recreational activities that allow you to explore your destination are also free. Research some great places to hike and if you brought your bikes look for some great biking trails. You can learn about the flora and fauna in the area by using free wifi when you can find it and looking up the local species. You can also enjoy taking plenty of digital photographs and much more.

Many other activities sometimes do have a minimal cost, but often you can find days when the entrance fees and costs are discounted. Museums will often have days with no entrance fees. Other attractions also have days with discounts, which is a great way to save money and enjoy all of the destinations you have been wanting to visit.

Have Fun - Make finding no or low cost activities a family challenge

There are many ways that you can enjoy RV travel on a budget. With a little research it is easy to find free and low cost activities wherever you go. You can save money by cooking in and planning ahead. Budget travel might take a little more effort, but often you will find that you enjoy some fantastic activities that you may not have tried otherwise.
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