Top Picks | Haunted Spots in the Northwest

Haunted Northwest


This Halloween season, travelers and residents of the Northwestern United States should be sure to visit some of the haunted places. Although the haunted places in the northwest are less well-known than those in other parts of the United States they are still worth visiting. Here are a few haunted places that visitors should be sure to visit.

Manresa  Castle, Port Townsend, WA

Located in the wonderful town of Port Townsend, this site adds a little flavor to a visit. Visitors can learn about the woman that committed suicide at this site, who is said to still haunt the site to this day.

Mount Baker Theatre, Bellingham, WA

This theatre is supposedly haunted by a girl. The site of the theatre was apparently once her home, until the destruction of it for building the theatre. Visitors can come to this theatre to enjoy a local show or wait to see this haunted destination.

Mount St. Helens, WA

The volcanic of Mount St. Helens was a tragic event in the history of Washington. Visitors to this amazing destination can enjoy planting recreation. It is said that nearby Spirit Lake is haunted by the victims of this tragic event.

The Oregon Vortex, Gold Hill, OR

The Oregon Vortex is one of those unique mystery spots where the laws of physics don't seem to apply. Visitors can explore, learn about the history and much more during a visit to the Oregon Vortex. They can also learn about the physicist that is still seen at this site. This destination also has a fun souvenir shop where visitors can grab something special to remember the visit.

Pier 70, Seattle, WA

For those looking for a little different type of haunted experience, they can visit Pier 70 in Seattle. People looking out from the Pier have seen a ghost ship off the end. This is a great option for visitors looking for a true Northwest haunted experience.

Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA

One of the most famous destinations in Seattle, visitors can enjoy all of the food, shops and excitement of the market. Another side of the market are the ghost stories. There are stories of a female ghost that appears to the elderly. Another ghost is another woman, as well as a child that appears near the craft emporium.

Starvation Heights, Olalla, WA

This Olalla destination is the historic site of a sanitarium. Visitors to this site can learn about the lore of the ghosts that reside there. The woman that ran the sanitarium had a practice of treating the patients through fasting. Many of the patients at this sanitarium died during their time there. It is said that there are many ghosts haunting this site.

White Eagle Cafe and Saloon, Portland, OR

This Portland destination has a rich history. Visitors can learn about this historic saloon, as well as those that supposedly haunt this destination. This destination has seen it's own share of tragedy, and sow of those that experienced the tragedy have remained.