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Hit the Road and Camp America!

Hit the Road and Camp America

Hit the Road -

Camp America!

Ready to answer the call of the open road?  Then you've come to the right place.  Here you'll find great ideas for finding the best camping and RVing road trips.  We'll show you which routes to take, which exits have a "don't miss attraction and profile great campgrounds along the way.  So grab your gear, pack the car or the RV and get ready to hit the road.

Road Trip | Western Montana

Hot Springs, Fly Fishing and Dog Sledding - Take a Road Trip through Western Montana

Western Montana is a beautiful destination throughout the year. During the summer you can enjoy boating and swimming in the rivers and lakes, during the winter you can enjoy a wide variety of snow activities including cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. One of Western Montana's most beautiful and fascinating destinations is Yellowstone National Park.

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Road Trip | South Florida

South Florida | RV Road Trip

Southern Florida is an amazing road trip destination year-round. The weather is warm, you experience the unique smells and sounds of a tropical environment, and you can even swim in the ocean when the rest of the country is covered in snow.

Visitors to Southern Florida are sure to find plenty of places to explore while enjoying a road trip. Whether you are looking for water recreation, wildlife viewing, golfing, shopping and more, Southern Florida is sure to have something to delight the pickiest visitors.

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Road Trip | North and South Dakota

Road Trip Across The Dakotas

North and South Dakota are home to a variety of amazing natural features and national treasures. Road trippers can explore the beauties of the Black Hills, the prairies and landscapes of the Badlands and the awe-inspiring Mount Rushmore National Park. The Dakotas are filled with fun activities, fascinating attractions, history and much more.

The Black Hills, located in western South Dakota are a beautiful part of the country, with rolling hills covered in Ponderosa Pine. Road Trippers through the Black Hills National Forest can enjoy the sites on the Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway, which is one of the best ways to enjoy the views and beauty of the Black Hills. Travelers can also enjoy time camping, hiking, biking and much more.

While traveling through the Black Hills National Forest, road trippers should be sure to stop at Mount Rushmore National Monument, which celebrates four of our nation's greatest presidents, Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln. After enjoying the awe-inspiring view of the four faces carved into the stone face, visitors can take a guided range tour of the National Monument and even stay for the evening program with the lighting of the faces.

Also found within the Black Hills National Forest is another figure carved into the stone. Visitors to South Dakota should be sure to stop at the Crazy Horse Memorial. Started in 1948, the Crazy Horse Memorial is still in progress. Crazy Horse was a Lakota chief, known for his loyalty and upright character, and is an important figure in the history of the Dakotas. Visitors to Crazy Horse Memorial can also visit the Indian Museum of North America, the Native American and Cultural Center and can even see the American Indian dancers throughout the summer.

Custer State Park, as travelers continue their adventure, is home to some of the country's wild areas. The Wildlife Loop Road, which travels around the southern edge of the park has some spectacular opportunities to see wildlife up close. This park is home to over 1,000 bison and many other species. Travelers can also enjoy the granite "Needles," slender rock outcroppings, which can be viewed from the Needles Highway

Continuing through South Dakota travelers can also explore the amazing landscapes protected in the Badlands National Park. Millions of years of sediments and minerals have been exposed by the elements within this park, providing stunning landscapes. In addition, the park also protects one of the largest expanses of mixed-grass prairie in the country. Visitors to the Badlands can enjoy hiking, camping, wildlife watching and even learning about the amazing fossil deposits.

Those travelers looking for some fun tourist activities can stop at Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota. Surrounded by miles of sunflower, corn and soybean fields, Wall is home to the fascinating Wall Drug and old-fashioned drug store. Here visitors are sure to find a souvenir of their trip, from moccasins to jack-a-lopes, dinosaur statues and Old West curiosities.

Journeying across the Dakotas is an amazing experience. The landscape is filled with varied scenes and amazing natural features. Here visitors can see some amazing wildlife, and learn about some of the fascinating history of our country. Road trippers should also keep an eye out for the beautiful prairie flowers, including daisies, cornflowers, black-eyed-susans, sun flowers, and more, which brighten the roadside views during your travels.

Road Trip | Washington National Parks

Hit the Road and See Washington State's National Parks

Washington is filled with beautiful scenery and fascinating places to visit. One way to experience some of the diversity that can be found in the region is to explore some of Washington's National Parks. Travel between Olympic National Park on the Olympic Peninsula, to Mount Rainier National Park, then head north on the western side of the state to the North Cascades National Park Complex, where you can cross the Cascades on the North Cascades Highway. The most adventurous travelers can extend the trip by traveling to Chelan, where you can catch a passenger ferry or plane to Stehekin in the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area.

Olympic National Park

The park provides visitors to Washington with an amazing park to explore the wild beauty of the Washington peninsula and coast. Travelers will find beautiful beaches, rain forest, mountains and more. The Olympic National Park protects some unique Washington ecosystems and is also a good destination for wildlife viewing. Visitors to the park will love the many hiking trials, and the wild beauty of the beaches and the entire park. One fantastic destination within the park is Shi Shi Beach. Shi Shi is one of the longest stretches of undeveloped shoreline in the lower 48 states. This two-mile, crescent shaped beach features sandstone bluffs, fringed by forests, and the beach is a wild mix of sand and stones. The trail to reach Shi Shi is often rough, muddy and very rugged, but the scenes of the spectacular beach are worth the wait. Shi Shi Beach is just one of many beautiful, undeveloped and rugged landscapes in the Olympic National Park.

Mount Rainier National Park

After leaving the Olympic Peninsula, travelers can head back north to Mount Rainier National Park. This park protects one of the most stunning and iconic images of Washington State. Mount Rainier is an amazing destination, especially during the summer. Campers will find many beautiful places to enjoy within and around Mount Rainier National Park. Although the park is covered in snow for much of the year, the summer months are particularly beautiful with wildflowers blooming, fascinating wildlife, backcountry recreation and more. Mount Rainier also offers a great view into the past through the lodges and other historic buildings around the park. Another way to experience the beauty of Mount Rainier National Park is to take a trip on the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad. This railroad is the longs continuously operating steam train in the Pacific Northwest, and offers its riders stunning views of beautiful forests and scenery of the Pacific Northwest.

North Cascades National Park Complex

After enjoying the  beauty of Mount Rainier, travelers can continue north to State Route 20, also called the North Cascades Highway, which takes visitors into the North Cascades National Park Complex. The National Park Complex is composed of three areas, North Cascades National Park, Ross Lake National Recreation Area and Lake Chelan National Recreation Area. Each area offers unique opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the North Cascades. Within these three parks, visitors will discover the amazing scenery of the North Cascades, including peaks, waterfalls, and more than 300 glaciers. The North Cascades National Park is filled with hiking trails, some that are fairly easy and others that are rigorous, steep, mountain climbs. Visitors can also enjoy climbing, boating, fishing, and more throughout the year in the National Park Complex.  Ross Lake is a great spot to enjoy activities like boating, fishing and more. For those visitors looking to enjoy some solitude and remote recreation, the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area is a great destination. To reach this area of the park, visitors should continue along the North Cascades Highway to Chelan. There is no car access to the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area, so all visitors must travel by boat, passenger ferry or plane to the village of Stehekin at the northern end of Lake Chelan from Chelan at the southern end of the lake.

Throughout the state of Washington there are many fascinating destinations for road travelers to enjoy. The Olympic National Park, Mount Rainier National Park and the North Cascades National Park offer visitors a chance to see and explore some of the most pristine, fantastic and fascinating natural landscapes within the state.

Road Trip | Florida Overseas Highway

Pennekamp-snorkeling-floridaDrive the Overseas Highway

The Florida Keys are an amazing destination for travelers in the continental United States. One of the most amazing ways to discover all that the Keys have to offer is to road trip the Overseas Highway, also known as US Route 1. This journey covers over 100 miles and will take visitors to some of the most beautiful and exciting tropical spots in the country.

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