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Ready to answer the call of the open road?  Then you've come to the right place.  Here you'll find great ideas for finding the best camping and RVing road trips.  We'll show you which routes to take, which exits have a "don't miss attraction and profile great campgrounds along the way.  So grab your gear, pack the car or the RV and get ready to hit the road.

Road Trip | Baltimore to Annapolis

Road Trip Maryland

Maryland is a state packed with fascinating destinations. Instead of simply exploring a single destination, turn your trip into a road trip. You don't even have to plan a long road trip, the short trip between Baltimore and Annapolis is a fantastic trip to enjoy some of Maryland's excellent attractions.

You can start your road trip in Baltimore. This city is filled with art, culture, entertainment, fine dining, history and much more. If you can, plan to spend at least a few days exploring all that the city has to offer. You will find a wide variety of fascinating museums, a few that you won't want to miss are the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Great Blacks in Wax Museum and more.

Baltimore also has a long and fascinating history. You will have many opportunities to learn about Baltimore's history at destinations like, the Baltimore Civil War Museum, the USS Constellation and more. You can also take a tour that will visit many of Baltimore's important sights.

Baltimore has many more destinations and attractions worth visiting. The Baltimore Aquarium is an amazing destination. You can also try to catch one of Baltimore's Major League games, either the Orioles or the Ravens. After exploring all of the destinations you want in Baltimore you can start your trip to Annapolis.

Although Annapolis is less than 30 miles away from Baltimore, there are plenty of nearby destinations that you might want to stop and explore. Many of these destinations will allow you to enjoy some of Maryland's great outdoors as well as continue to learn about the rich history of the state.

Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine
This important site is the location were our National Anthem was first written. You can start your visit to Fort McHenry at the Visitor Center, which has an introduction and information about the site's important history. After the Visitor Center, you can take a tour of the park. You can also visit Star Fort, the museum, which has all sort of exhibits about the Fort's history and importance. You can also tour the structures of Fort McHenry, like the barracks and more.

North Point State Park
AS you travel around Baltimore on your way to Annapolis, one excellent outdoor destination is North Point State Park. This park actually has some history of its own, it is the site of the historic Bay Shore Amusement Park, and the Defenders Trail, which was important during the War of 1812 passes through the park. You can take the opportunity to learn about the history, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors in Maryland. North Point State Park is located on the Chesapeake Bay and is a great spot to enjoy some recreation.

Sandy Point State Park
As you continue your trip to Annapolis, another park you can explore is Sandy Point State Park. Also located on the Chesapeake Bay this park is excellent for wildlife viewing, especially birding, and more. Sandy Point also has a great beach for swimming, and in the summer part of the beach is lifeguard protected. This park is an amazing destination for enjoying the beautiful waters of the Chesapeake Bay and seeing some of Maryland's wildlife.

When you have explored all of the points of interest you have identified on your way, you should plan to stay and explore all that Annapolis has to offer for a few days. This city is also has some important history, which can be explored at some sites throughout the city. One great destination is the Maryland State House, which is an architectural and historical point of interest. The Kunta-Kinte Alex Haley Memorial is another good destination for those interested in history.

Annapolis also has many more destinations worth exploring, including museums and other fun attractions. The city is also a long history as an amazing sailing destination. You should be sure to take the opportunity to enjoy some of the boating and sailing opportunities on the Chesapeake Bay from Annapolis.

The road trip between Baltimore and Annapolis is a great option for exploring a little more of Maryland. Although short in distance, this road trip will be packed with attractions that you won't want to miss. From history to recreation this road trip covers it all.

Road Trip | South Carolina

Historic Charleston, Carolina Islands and South Carolina National Parks

South Carolina's lowlands are a perfect destination for travelers looking to combine the hospitality of a beautiful southern city and the adventure of the outdoors. The city of Charleston is a great start or end point for a South Carolina road trip. You will find that this region of South Carolina has attractions to easily fill several weeks of vacation. This road trip combines a bit of everything for the adventurous traveler.

Start your trip east of Charleston to explore some of South Carolina's beautiful barrier islands. As you explore the many and diverse islands you will see that each island is unique and some are developed giving visitors a wonderful resort experience while others remain in their natural state.

Isle of Palms is an excellent destination to start a relaxing road trip. This barrier island has it all. You can enjoy the resort experience at the Wild Dunes Resort. While there you can enjoy the historic charm of the town, spend time on the beautiful beaches, and more. Not only are the beaches, resort and golf courses excellent, but Isle of Palms is also a good place to experience an open sea fishing experience.

The Capers Island Heritage Preserve is one undeveloped barrier island well worth the visit. Just a few miles north of Charleston and only three miles off of the mainland, this island has beaches, maritime uplands, salt marsh and more. While hiking and exploring the island you may see a wide variety of wildlife, including white-tailed deer, alligators and even loggerhead sea turtles. McCaskill Trail is a great expedition for birders and hikers alike, from this trail you may observe an amazing variety of birds, including ibises, herons, egrets and more.

North of Capers Island is the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge, which covers over 60,000 acres and offers visitors an amazing opportunity to see wild and undeveloped beaches and barrier island habitats. You take a short ferry ride through the salt marsh creeks, providing excellent dolphin watching, to reach Bull Island. Upon reaching Bull Island you can hike on the islands trails. Bull Island's trails travel through maritime forests and allow you to see some amazing coastal species. One attraction not to be missed on a visit to Bull Island is "Boneyard Beach," which was named for the dead trees lining the beach.

East of Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge on the mainland, visitors can stop and enjoy some wilderness exploration and recreation at the Francis Marion National Forest. This forest preserves the South Carolina wilderness, with swamps, marshes, bald cypress trees, pine stands and more. It is home to many different types of wildlife, including some endangered species. The Francis Marion National Forest is an excellent spot to enjoy hiking, biking, canoeing and much more.

After visiting the Francis Marion National Forest, continue north toward the Congaree National Forest. Just to the north of the Francis Marion National Park, you can stop for some freshwater recreation at Lake Moultrie. This lake is a manmade lake and is one of the larger lakes in the state. Visitors will find that this is an excellent spot for fishing, with varying conditions that offer habitat for many different species of fish including catfish, crappie and more. Lake Moultrie is also excellent habitat for alligators like much of the state.

As your road trip continues on you might also want to stop at Santee State Park, located on the shores of Lake Marion. Like Lake Moultrie, Lake Marion is an excellent spot to enjoy some fishing. Santee State Park also offers cabins on the lake, and many opportunities for hiking, biking, boating, camping and more.

Congaree National Park is an absolutely amazing place to discover the natural wonder of South Carolina. The Park preserves the largest remaining old-growth floodplain forest on the continent. You will find that Congaree National Park has an amazing array of trail, both for hiking and canoeing. Each of these trails will give you a chance to experience the beauty of the wilderness. You will also find that the Park also offers ranger guided hiking and canoeing tours. While recreating in the park you can see this unique ecosystem that once covered a large part of the southeastern US. Today the park has pines in the uplands and bald cypress and water tupelo in the lowlands.

After exploring the unique wilderness at Congaree National Park you can start your journey back southeast to Charleston to finish out your road trip with some relaxation in the historic city. You will find that Charleston is filled with attractions, fine dining, and much more.

While spending time in Charleston you should be sure to visit the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. These beautiful gardens and the plantation have a long history. The gardens are open year-round and are in bloom year-round. Boone Hall Plantation is another worthy attraction in Charleston. Visitors to Boone Hall can take tours of the house, the gardens, and much more.

Charleston is also an excellent city to enjoy live theater and music performances. The city also has a wide range of art exhibits. Throughout the city you will find all sort of activities and attractions, while also providing a relaxing end to your road trip. After spending time recreating  in some of South Carolina's most beautiful wildness, Charleston presents a great relaxing, historic, and fun finish to your amazing South Carolina road trip.

Road Trip | Green River

Green River Road Trip Through Wyoming, Colorado and Utah

Something for Everyone - Fishing, Rafting, Nature and Native American History

The Green River flows through Wyoming, Colorado and Utah, until it flows into the Colorado River. Much of this river is located in Utah, and it is in Utah that road trippers and rafters alike will find some of the best sections to enjoy whitewater adventures.

Road trippers can start their trip in the northeastern corner of Utah, in the Ashley National Forest, in the Uinta Mountains. The Ashley National Forest provides some excellent opportunities for recreating. The forests are thick with beautiful trees. Then the river flows through the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area.

Visitors to this area can enjoy water sports on the Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Flaming Gorge has beautiful rock formations and petroglyphs. In addition to being an excellent sport for water sports, the Flaming Gorge Reservoir also has amazing fishing.

As the river flows on, it enters Dinosaur National Monument, which is were rafting enthusiasts will find all sorts of options for rafting trips. From nice day trips, to extreme whitewater rafting, the Green River in Dinosaur National Monument has something for everyone.

The best time of year to plan a road and rafting trip on this river is between early April through October. Not only is this time period the best time to find good rapids on the river, but it is also the best time of year to enjoy the beautiful scenery. During the late spring and summer the remote landscapes of Dinosaur National Monument are filled with spectacular beauty.

Beginning rafters and those looking for a short pleasant trip, the Green River Daily is a nine-mile stretch of the river. This trip can take anywhere from half a day to a day, and for more experienced rafters it can be done without a guide. However, there are many guided options for the less experienced rafting enthusiasts, and those that just enjoy taking guided trips. Visitors to the Green River can find this beginning of this segment of the river at the Nefertiti Rapid.

Another calm section of the river is the Labyrinth and Stillwater Canyon section. This stretch of river, extends for 100 miles, through beautiful canyons, until it reaches the point where the Green River reaches the Colorado River. Along this beautiful calm stretch of river, travelers can take in the sites by raft, canoe and even power boat. One great feature to keep an eye out for is the Crystal Geyser, this geyser erupts over 60 feet into the air, and is an amazing sight.

Desolation Canyon is a beautiful section of the river that passes through the Tavaputs Plateau. This is an amazing section of the river, the gorge is remote and very deep. Rafters taking this trip will find over 60 rapids, most of which are fairly calm. Some amazing sights on this section on top of the gorge are the petroglyphs, old homesteads, beaches and more.

One of the very best rafting tips in Utah, is Lodore Canyon. This trip is filled with beautiful scenery, including waterfalls, rock formations and more. Throughout this section in Dinosaur National Monument there is a wide variety of wildlife to observe. Lodore also has the best rapids on the river. These three rapids are Disaster Falls, Triplet Falls and Hells Half Mile. Lodore has everything that the road tripper and river rafter want, there are sights, wildlife, and of course amazing rapids.

Those travelers that are looking for a great spring and summer adventure to Utah should be sure to explore the Green River. The area is filled with beautiful sights and many recreational opportunities. Visitors to the Green River will find a variety of rapids with differing levels of difficulty, paired with beautiful geological and natural features.

Road Trip | Seattle to Vancouver, BC

RV Road Trip From Seattle to Vancouver, BC

One of the best ways to enjoy the sites and excitement in the northern part of the Pacific Northwest is to take a road trip, one great option is to travel from Seattle to Vancouver, BC. Both Seattle and Vancouver, as large cities have a wealth of attractions to offer visitors, and along the way there are many more fascinating towns and places to visit.

Seattle is a great city to spend a few days before starting a road trip. The city is filled with museums, family friendly activities, and beautiful outdoor spaces. Visitors can see the city on an amphibious vehicle, ride to the top of the Space Needle and have dinner in the revolving restaurant, ride a ferry to nearby Bainbridge Island for a day trip, explore the Experience Music Project, walk through Pike Place Market, and much more.

Interstate 5 is the most direct route from Seattle to Vancouver. Often the most direct route isn't the best route to enjoy a road trip. However, I-5 is a gateway to many excellent destinations in Western Washington. Along the way visitors can visit and explore parks, museums, shopping destinations, dining and more.

Stop at the Tulalip Casino just outside of Marysville, north of Everett. This casino is a great place to enjoy an evening of fun. Visitors will find a beautiful resort, with a delicious buffet for dinner. Next door to the casino are some outlet malls, great for a day of shopping.

In the spring visitors along this route can take a detour to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Based in Mount Vernon, visitors can see acres of land covered in beautiful tulips. Each year, this is one of the most popular events in Western Washington. Visitors to the festival can see many beautiful flowers and grab a copy of the original poster for the year.

As you travel north you can take the scenic detour along Chuckanut Drive. Although this drive takes a bit longer it is well worth the time to see some of the beautiful shoreline of Western Washington. One park along the way that all travelers should be sure to stop and enjoy a rest from driving or have a picnic, is Larrabee State Park. Visitors to this park can enjoy all sorts of recreating, or just enjoy a few hours of relaxation.

After taking the scenic detour along Chuckanut Drive, road trippers will enter the fun city of Bellingham. Visitors to Bellingham can plan to stay for a few hours or a few days. No matter how long the stay, Bellingham is filled with fun attractions. Historic downtown Fairhaven is a fun place to spend some time exploring the boutiques. Boulevard Park is a beautiful spot to take a bike ride or walk. The boardwalk along the shore is a peaceful walk. On sunny days the park is full of college students and Bellingham residents playing frisbee and having fun in the sun. After spending a day exploring the boutiques in Fairhaven and enjoying the coast at Boulevard Park, visitors can go to the Colophon Cafe for dinner and a delicious slice of Peanut Butter Pie.

Bellingham is home to Western Washington University, and visitors will find a unique collection of sculptures on the WWU campus. Downtown Bellingham also has many fun little shops, as well as plenty of dining options. Places to stop and enjoy a delicious meal include Casa Que Pasa, which has an amazing potato burrito, The Bagelry is filled with delicious fresh made bagels, Little Cheerful makes amazing breakfast fare, and Mallards' homemade ice cream is not to be missed.

Just north of Bellingham, travelers on this road trip can stop in the delightful town of Lynden. The Lynden Pioneer Museum has an amazing collection of Pacific Northwest history and artifacts, including the Pioneer Buggy Collection. Lyden also has an annual Tractor Pull and the Northwest Washington Fair, which is a great way to participate in the region's agriculture.

After passing through Bellingham and Lynden, visitors will be close to the US and Canada border. The border crossing between Blaine, Washington and Surrey, BC is located within the Peace Arch State Park on the US side and the Peace Arch Provincial Park on the British Columbia Side. Although this border crossing is one of the busiest between Canada and the United States, it is still a great place to celebrate the relationship between the two countries. The Peace Arch monument and the park are a great attraction to explore while on the trip.

Sushi lovers will have a great time enjoying the late night sushi found in Richmond and Vancouver. There are all sorts of great sushi places in British Columbia, which are a great place to stop after a long day on the road. Also a great stop in Richmond is the Richmond Museum, which is a great place to learn about the community.

Nearby Victoria is also filled with fun places to visit and things to do. Then upon reaching the final destination, Vancouver, visitors will find attractions and destinations to fill at least a week. Among these are the Fort Langley National Historic Site, the Vancouver Aquarium, taking the Skyride on Grouse Mountain, and seeing  Vancouver by double decker bus.

Road Trip | Downeast Maine

Drive Downeast, Maine

The Downeast and Acadia region of Maine is filled with beauty. One of the best ways to explore this region is on a driving tour. Visitors will find a variety of byways to explore. These byways can make good day long sightseeing tours, or can be combined and extended in whatever way works best for each vacationer.

The western and southernmost byway is the Acadia Byway. This route runs from Ellsworth along Route 3 south and east toward Acadia National Park. Upon reaching the park, take the Park Loop Road, following the coastline and then back north through the park, then continue back to Bar Harbor. This byway is a fantastic way to see a few beautiful coastal towns in Maine as well as explore Acadia National Park.

Throughout the miles of this byway there are many excellent sights. The Park Loop Road in Acadia National Park can be a destination in itself, but the miles of Carriage Roads throughout Acadia National Park. These rustic roads give visitors a chance to truly see the many natural features to be found in the park. Bar Harbor is one of the larger villages that travelers on the byway can enjoy. The Champlain and Door Mountains as well as the Tarn and wetlands are also beautiful features that can be seen on the byway. Other sights include Great and Little Cranberry Island, Hulls Cove, Mount Desert Narrows and Thompson Island.

The Acadia Byway can make a whole trip on its own, however for those seeking a longer trip can also explore the Schoodic Scenic Byway. This byway can also make an entire road trip on its own, just like the Acadia Byway. The Schoodic Scenic Byway starts in Waukeag, crosses the water over to West Sullivan. Then travel along Route 186 into Acadia National Park and around the edge of the peninsula and into Prospect Harbor at the end of the byway.

Acadia National Park has a small section of the park is across the bay from the main section of Acadia National Park. In addition to this small section of the park, this byway provides a great opportunity to see some of Maine's lighthouses, including Egg Rock Light, Petit Manan Light, Prospect Harbor Light and Winter Harbor Light. Schoodic Scenic Byway also passes near Blueberry Hill, Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge and more.

To the north, between Acadia Byway and Schoodic Scenic Byway lies Blackwoods Byway. Blackwoods Byway starts in Franklin and travels along Route 182 for approximately 12 miles west of the junction of State Route 182 and Route 1.

Travelers along this section of road in Maine have the opportunity to see mountains, lakes, towns and more. Road trippers along this byway can explore Schoodic Mountain, Black Mountain, Catherine's Mountain and Tunk Mountain. Other sights include Tunk Lake, Donnell Pond, Fox Pond, Franklin and Cherryfield known as the "Blueberry Capital of the World."

Each of these three byways make a fabulous road trip, and can either be completed in a day or extended to add time to explore. For those that want to take a longer road trip, combining these three byways is an excellent way to truly explore this region of Maine by car. Throughout the miles on this road there are many amazing destinations to enjoy and spend countless hours exploring.

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