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Best Bird Watching Destinations


Bird watching is a wonderful year-round activity. It is a wonderful way to learn about and enjoy many of the delights of nature. In addition, it is an activity that can be enjoyed almost anywhere in the world. Here are a few great destinations in the United States for bird watching enthusiasts to visit. 


Pribilof Islands, Alaska

For birders looking to see some northern species of birds, these Alaskan islands are a great option. Located in the Bering Sea, these islands are home to many fascinating species of bird. Visitors will enjoy hiking on the islands trails while also enjoying the relative remoteness of the location. Birders should be sure to keep an eye out for Horned Puffins, Least Auklets and many more species.


Ramsey Canyon Preserve, Arizona

Southeast of Tucson, this is a fantastic destination for watching hummingbirds. Birders can see up to 14 species of these fun little birds. In addition, many other species of birds call the canyon home, including red-faced warblers, and many others.


Humboldt Bay Complex, California

The mudflats and eelgrass of the Humboldt Bay Complex provide a perfect home for a variety of shorebirds. Visitors to this region of California will have a lovely time exploring the region. Birders should look for shorebirds like willets, sandpipers, herons, egrets and others.


San Luis Complex, California

The three refuges within the San Joaquin Valley provide ample opportunity for birders to enjoy many species of California birds. Birders have the opportunity to see mallards, pintails, sandhill cranes, and even Aleutian Canada geese. Visitors to this complex should also keep an eye out for the herds of tule elk that call the area home.


J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge, Florida

Located on Sanibel Island on the Gulf Coast, and it has one of the country’s largest undeveloped mangrove ecosystems. These conditions make it a great destination for birders to see the large populations of migratory birds.Within this refuge there are many species of birds and animals that birders can see while hiking on trails, including white ibis and night herons.


Hakalau Forest, Hawaii

This beautiful Hawaiian forest on the slopes of Manua Kea on the Big Island is a fantastic destination to see some of Hawaii’s unique birds. Birders should be sure to look for the Hawaiian honeycreeper, as well as the Hawaiian Owl, Ducks and more.


Snake River Birds of Prey Natural Area, Idaho

The Snake Valley is an unrivaled destination for viewing raptors. There are almost 1,000 nesting pairs of raptors in the area. Some species that birders should look for include, Golden Eagles, Swainson’s Hawks, American Kestrels and many more. In addition, other species of birds call the grasslands home, including Violet-green Swallows, ducks, Burrowing Owls and more.


Cape May, New Jersey

This New Jersey destination is fantastic for birders. The ecosystems here, such as marshes and coastal woods are excellent for spring bird watching. Over 400 species of rare birds have been seen at this spot. Visitors to this wonderful spot can see hundreds of different species in a single day of bird watching.


Klamath Basin Complex, Oregon

This Oregon destination is an amazing bird watching destination. Many types of geese and ducks call this region home. Visitors to the region can see Snow Geese, Canada Geese and a variety of species of raptors including Red-tail hawks, Bald Eagles and more.


Zion National Park, Utah

Utah’s beautiful Zion National Park is a fantastic destination for birders during the winter. Within the amazing landscape of the park, especially the canyon birders can enjoy a wide variety of species. Zion is home to over 200 species of bird. During the month of December, bird watchers can see canyon wrens, eagles and many more.

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